On tantrums and bridal showers

Thank you Rain and Daisy, for your thoughtful responses to my last post about the "Tar.get Tantrum." I do get that tantrums are probably much harder for the parents than the surrounding public, and I didn't mean to come off like I blame all parents for all their children's bad behavior. Mostly I just wanted to vent.

This will probably make me sound like a terrible person, but I do think there are some parents that need to do more to address/correct their children's bad behavior in public. In this particular case, the child was probably just shy of 2 years old, so it's not like you could blame him. What got me was that both of the parents were there and he was the only child with them. One of them could have taken him outside until he calmed down. Or they could have picked up the pace and tried to finish up their shopping instead of leisurely meandering around the store as they were. Twenty minutes is a long time to let a child scream in public. Maybe there was some reason beyond what was apparent that they chose not to do anything, and that's anyone's guess. What it looked like to me was two parents choosing to ignore their child's behavior rather than deal with it. But as we know, I'm a pessimist so of course I'm going to jump to that conclusion! I'm sure most of you ladies are a lot more generous than I am in that respect. :)

Now, onto the weekend. What a whirlwind - throwing two bridal showers in 24 hours! Both of them turned out beautifully, naturally! T's was Tuscan-themed, held at her mom's home late Saturday afternoon/evening. We had tons of pasta, bread, and wine, the tables and flowers were gorgeous, the games were fun, and T was thrilled. It was a great, if exhausting, day. And T was so sweet, she gave me a set of really nice outdoor wine glasses (i.e. plastic) as a thank-you for throwing the shower. I was just saying how I needed some, since we do most of our entertaining outside, so I LOVE them!

A's shower was Asian-themed (and no, I didn't realize until just now that "T is for Tuscan" and "A is for Asian" LOL), and it took place in my backyard Sunday afternoon. A works for a caterer and one of the other bridesmaids is an event planner for a hotel, so everything looked really professional - matching tables and linens, fancy matching folding chairs, chaffing dishes for all the food (veggie stir-fry, egg rolls and pot stickers, with red velvet cake and mochi ice cream for dessert), etc. My backyard has never looked so nice! And the decorations were perfect. We had Tibetan prayer flags at the gate, a cute "lounge" area, paper lanterns, cherry blossoms, and lots of red! I know I know, "PICTURES!" I'll post them when I get them all loaded up onto my computer. Promise!

Well, that was pretty much my whole weekend - cooking, cleaning, loading, unloading, setting up, tearing down, and running around in heels... Hubs and I did also stop by my parents' house to take photos in our African garb last night. (My parents are sending the pics to their friends in Cameroon.) I think we looked pretty cute! I'll post those too when I get them.

Last and least, today is CD5, and unless she's teasing me, I think AF is already on her way out. That's probably thanks to the herbs from my acu, because my whole life AF has lasted 7 solid days. Last month was more like 6 days, and now 5? Nice! I'm not too enthusiastic about TTC this C though. I kind of figure, with a 0.1% chance of getting pregnant, why bother? On the other hand, if we don't try I'll kick myself later, so I'm sure we will regardless. At any rate, all I'm interested in right now is a nice long nap. If only I didn't have to wait until I got home!


Kate said...

Congrats on a successful weekend of bridal showers - it sounds like they were both incredible!

Nothing like a short AF to start the week out right! :0)

elephantscanremember said...

I am very much looking to your pictures. It sounds like a fabulous time!

Kitty said...

D@mn that AF!! Apparently she just decided to take a day off, and now she's back! :P

E said...

I wanted to respond to your last post, but I only had 1 hand available and it sucks trying to type with 1 hand. I totally 100% agree with you that the parents needed to do something about the crying child. Me and my husband always have conversations about that and the fact that we don't understand why people drag their kids to do things that really aren't kid friendly like restaurants, grocery shopping, or stores in general etc. One of them should have either stayed home with the child/children or taken them outsdide or something.

One time I was in K-mart and my first son who was a baby at that time had colic and starting screaming his head off, so I left my whole entire cart and left the store. I didn't want to put him or other people through that.

^J^ said...

Nope, no generousity here. I fully agree with you on public tantrums. Parents need to step up and deal with it because this whole ignore it bit, clearly does not work.

Glad you had a good time with the showers. They sound absolutely beautiful!! Makes me want to host a big party! Can't wait to see the pics!

Daisy83808 said...

Sounds like a fun weekend and some fun showers!

And you definatly don't sound like a terrible person! I've seen parents ignore some pretty bad behavior in public. And in private! Not good. Makes for a spoiled child!