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Last night I spent about an hour at Ta.rget picking up some stuff for one of the bridal showers going on this weekend. Now, I know this goes against the very fabric of womanhood, but I am not a shopper. When the mood strikes (and I have some extra cash) I enjoy wandering around Ta.rget or O.ld Na.vy looking for deals, but if I have to go, I hate it. It's even worse when I don't know EXACTLY what I want to get - I end up circling the store aimlessly, and that frustrates me. And nobody likes a frustrated Kitty.

Nevertheless, that is what I found myself doing last night - wandering around trying to find all the things I needed. And while I was wandering, my cramps were building. And I'd been sad all day thinking about my 0.1% chance of conceiving every month, and staring at women's bellies trying to determine if they were pregnant, and dodging strollers left and right, and generally feeling sorry for myself.

But then as I came near the toy section, I heard a child. Screaming. Steadily screaming, while his parents, yes, both of them, slowly pushed him up and down aisles in their shopping cart as if nothing was amiss. Every few screams the dad would "shh" at him, which of course worked wonders if his intention was to do NOTHING AT ALL. The kid wasn't crying, nothing was apparently wrong with him, he was just being obnoxious, and the parents were doing their best to ignore him, much to many other shoppers' irritation. Including mine. This went on for about 20 or 30 minutes (remember I was circling the store, so I passed them a few times).

On the one hand, kids like him make me grateful I don't have to deal with that crap right now. On the other hand, parents like them make me angry that people like us are the ones that can't get pregnant. I just want to yell at them, "Why do you let your kid do that??? Be a PARENT!"

Anyway, this week has been nothing short of NUTS, and it's not over yet. I just hope next week is a lot more mellow, and that next weekend I can enjoy doing NOTHING at all!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone :)


Anonymous said...

I was that parent a few weeks ago. I am so sorry you had to go through that, it's tough on the (foster) parents too.

I am so sorry this week was NUTS. I think it was a hard week for a lot of people.

Have a great weekend doing nothing!!

Anonymous said...

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Daisy83808 said...

Was the kid 2ish? I think you just get to a point where when a tantrum comes, you know you just have to ignore it to shorten it. And so the kid doesnt become spoiled so s/he doesnt always get what s/he wants. If they were in the toy section its possible the kid was asking for something and the parents said no. My husband and I work with preschoolers and its a rare child that doesnt have complete meltdowns or get angry and just scream in public. Some parents just decide not to take their kids anywhere for a couple years (I had an aunt who did this). Others just take a screaming child. Neither seems like a great option. A screaming child annoys everyone - including parents (or in our case, childcare workers). And disciple in public is so controversial. It's hard for parents to win!