Bullet-point weekend recap

Monday again??? Didn't we have one of these last week?

I'm tired today. So I apologize for not providing the luscious details of my friend A's wedding that I just know you're all craving. I also know I owe you some pics of T's wedding two weeks ago. I'll get around to that one day...

So a quick rundown of my very busy three day weekend:

Thursday night: Hubs's birthday, sushi with friends, good times had by all!

Friday: Wedding prep, I did the bride's hair (fabulous!), small ceremony on the beach followed by an intimate dinner at the groom's mother's house, gorgeous!

Saturday: The big reception! Held at a park, super casual but still beautiful, everyone was invited, games, water balloons, jolly jump, yummy food, fun stuff.

Sunday: French toast fit for the gods (or just me and hubs), trips to Be.st B.uy and Tar.get, attended BBQ for BIL's birthday.

Notable stuff:

I'm opening up about the miscarriage IRL. Most of our friends now know. It doesn't make it any less painful, but it's easier not to have to hide it. Everyone has been very supportive and kind about it. P.S. I stopped bleeding... for a couple of days. It started again this morning.

Our new fancy-schmancy phones might be in sooner than we thought! Be.st B.uy gets a handful of them a few times a month; I'd LOOOVE to have them by the time we go on our weekend getaway.

Hubs also wants to buy a new TV. Or rather, two new TVs, because "if we're getting a flat-screen for the living room we might as well get one for the bedroom too!" I told him let's see where we're at after we pay for the new phones. Good gravy, he's taking this retail therapy thing a bit far!

Back to work!


elephantscanremember said...

I am glad you had a fun weekend (I'd be worn out too!).

Miss Ruby said...

I agree, these Monday's are just coming around wayyyy too quickly!

Your weekend sounds fabulous AND I agree with hubby you DO need a flatscreen for the bedroom - we have one and I L-O-V-E it!


Rain Child said...

Sounds like a great weekend. My husband is begging for us to get a new tv too! Let me know where you find good deals!

Kate said...

Sounds like a pretty great weekend to me as well - glad you had a good time. Also glad to hear that you're talking about the miscarriage IRL and that everyone is being supportive; every little bit helps...

Misty Dawn said...

I'm glad you opened up to friends and family IRL. Its hard, the longer it takes the harder it gets. ((HUGS)) I'm glad you finally stopped bleeding. DH had the same issue with our TV. We waited for January (btw is the BEST time to buy them due to sales for the superbowl) to buy the one for our living room. Then bought the one for our bedroom at the after thanksgiving sales, the smaller TVS go on sale then. Try to convince DH to break it up like that LOL. Less pain for the wallet. Don't forget to do your research and get the best TV avail!!

E said...

LOL we have a big flat screen in our living room and our bedroom! love it!

I hope you continue to feel better, though I am sure you think of it often. **Hugs**