This is my life

At the risk of sounding like a broken record...

Someone please make the bleeding stop!

The weekend was a nice break, which I appreciated very much (thank you, Mother Nature!), but since yesterday morning it's been worse than it was all last week. Almost like a regular period - cramps, heavier bleeding, feeling light-headed, etc. I did call the doctor this morning and they say this is "normal."

It doesn't seem "normal" to me.

Granted, I'm not going through pads at an alarming rate, and I haven't needed to take anything for the cramps, but SERIOUSLY? How can there even be this much blood in there??


In other news... eh, there isn't any. I should probably eat lunch. Maybe that would help with the light-headedness, huh? (And maybe the moodiness too!)


elephantscanremember said...

(hugs) I am sorry. I hope you get some relief very soon.

Kate said...

Ugh - seriously...sucks doesn't even come close. What does your doc say about it???

MotherHen said...

Could this be the return of your cycle? How long did your doctor say it would take till aunt flo came?

E said...

I find it very odd that you are still bleeding. After my D&C I only spotted for a day and then nothing until 5 weeks later when I got my period.

Have you tried taking ibuprofen round the clock? sometimes ibuprofen will totally stop my bleeding.

Allison said...

Oh gracious, Kitty... this has been going on for forever. :(

My pharmacist (er, husband) tells me to make sure I'm getting enough iron when I'm having bleeding troubles. So I will pass along the assvice to you.

I hope it stops soon. ((Hugs))

Tracy said...

That is bullshit! (Sorry, hope this doesn't need to be sensorred.) you do not deserve to go through any of this! (sorry I'm way behind on your blog; the wedding/honeymoon thing took up a lot of time)