My 2nd email to PETA

In response to their lame response to my original email, this is what I wrote today:

Thank you for your response, apology, and for removing that verbiage.

However, an organization with class and tact would remove the link and reference to NIAW entirely, as the infertile community is requesting.

I'm not sure who exactly who you're referring to when you say no one should condemn those who choose to avoid pregnancy, because no one I know has said anything to that effect at all. Certainly not me. If you read my email you'd see I in fact said the exact opposite.

PETA is being condemned by the infertile community not for encouraging and assisting with controlling the human population, but for suggesting that infertility is a positive means to that end. You are perpetuating the rampant and misguided belief that somehow those who CAN'T reproduce are, at worst, responsible for the problem of overpopulation, and at best, the ones responsible for fixing it. How backward is that? Furthermore, your generalization about Infertiles spending thousands of dollars to reproduce themselves is just that - a generalization. Infertility does not discriminate, and believe it or not, even those who can't afford fertility treatments (or adoption, for that matter) can be and are afflicted by this disease. Myself included. So please do not condemn those who "feel compelled to reproduce themselves" as if we're all a bunch of irresponsible, baby-hungry people who would stop at nothing to see little versions of ourselves dominating the planet. I GUARANTEE that on average, Infertiles have put a great deal more thought into the prospect of parenthood than the vast majority of people who have no trouble conceiving.

The infertile community works hard to put an end to this kind of ignorance through events like National Infertility Awareness Week. So again, I urge you to show some respect for your fellow man and comply with our request - and the request of Resolve, the organization responsible for instituting NIAW - and remove the link and reference to NIAW from your campaign web page.

I wasn't about to waste my time addressing all the ridiculous things they said in what was obviously a form letter.  I think the best way to go about this is to firmly and politely stick to the point - we want the link and reference to NIAW removed from their website.  (Even Resolve has issued a press release requesting the same.)  Whatever else they say doesn't concern me.  I have never and will never support PETA, and I'll go on living my life in the way that I consider best regardless of whatever claptrap they try to sell me about their "mission" (which IMHO is a load of BS). 

Anyway, I saw I'd gotten some comments on my last update so I wanted to post this for y'all.  I think this will be my last post for today ;)

Sign the Petition!

Email PETA's President!

Oh yeah, and AF showed up, so there's one thing off my list of things to stress about.


Steph O. said...

I'm so glad that you & others have sent such logical & well-stated eletters to them. I have logical counterpoints to what they are doing, but am afraid that if I contact them, it'll be shortened to F*CK YOU!!!

I did sign the petion though & even posted it to my FB. That's pretty dang brave for me.

Sarah said...

That was very well said!

myhopefulheart said...

You go girl!
That is an awesome letter. Thanks for writing it!

Misty Dawn said...

Great letter!!