Nerves of mush

I hate waking up feeling stressed, and this morning I felt stressed times three.

1. Work stress.  I almost always wake up with butterflies because I dread the workday and today was no exception.  It's the last day before conversion - this weekend we'll be switching the information and processing of one of our newly-acquired institutions over to our bank's systems.  I have a ton to do today, and my department and I will be back at work most of the day tomorrow to finish the conversion.  Next week should be exceptionally crazy, but I'm trying hard to just take this whole thing one day at a time.

2. My women's group.  We're holding an event tonight to celebrate the end of the first quarter of the year and the beginning of the second.  The idea is to look back and celebrate how much we've each accomplished in our lives since the beginning of the year, and to look ahead at what we hope to accomplish over the next three months.  I'm just nervous because as co-founders, A and I are going to be facilitating the first part of the evening (the second part is just socializing), and that kind of thing always makes me nervous!  I know it will be fine, and fun, once it gets underway, but until then - did I mention?  I'm nervous!!

3. Aunt Flo.  Ugh.  I'm not sure what CD I'm on because I forgot to mark last month's visit on my calendar.  And I'm making myself crazy wondering when I'm going to start.  I don't have any pregnancy symptoms, but that's not stopping my mind from sticking more firmly on that thought every day that goes by with nary a spot.  And then last night I was crampy, and I swore it felt like the stretchy, tight cramps I felt right before my positive test last summer.  Ugh.  I'll probably start today, but on the extremely remote chance I don't, I'm not testing until Sunday because ain't no way in hell I'm testing tomorrow morning before coming in to work.

Whew.  Okay I have to buckle down and get some work done.  I've got a long couple of days ahead of me!


Alex said...

Good luck with the conversion! Those things can be a bitch - I hope it goes very smoothly!!! Have fun at the women's group - I'm sure you'll be a rockstar!!!

And AF - oh I hope those cramps mean something....

Misty Dawn said...

I hope the transition goes alot smoother than anticipated. I agree, prob not the best time to POAS, def don't need that curve ball at such a stressful time. (((HUGS)))

Steph O. said...

I hope the conversion has few glitches!

Have FUN tonight! Just relax & breathe.:)

Marianne said...

Sorry your weekend is starting out stress-filled...can you do something relaxing Sunday? Pedi?