Boo hoo

I hate Mondays. How generic is that? Everyone hates Mondays. Nonetheless, I am one of those generic everyones, and today is one of those crummy Mondays.

Actually there's nothing inherently wrong with today. I have enough work to do, I have friends emailing me when I need a break, people are in a good mood around me. (Except my 3 months pregnant desk neighbor who is feeling irritable, but she gets a pass.) So what's my problem? I guess I'm just preemptively sad that the hubs is going out of town with the guys from Wednesday to Sunday. They're off to Tahoe for a bachelor party, and I'm left all alone. Well, okay, not ALL alone, I do have Atticus Archimedes Aloysius, who will gladly take the hubs' spot on the bed. But you know what I mean. I'm just going to miss him. I've been making plans with friends for while he's gone, but it doesn't change the fact that I'll still have to come home to an empty house for 4 nights. Sigh... I'm such a baby.

It doesn't help that my first appointment with the gyn is on Wednesday too. We've only talked to our GP about infertility so far, and she's the one who sent me out for the pelvic ultrasound and the hubs out for the SA. So this is kind of our first step of the NEXT part of our babymaking journey, and a big deal to me. Now I'm really feeling infertile. But I'll get home from that and have just a couple hours with hubs until he leaves. Ugh.

Well maybe, just maybe I will get some new invitation designs done this week, or at least my sister's... Who am I kidding? I'll probably take my friend KP's advice and rent the first season of Gossip Girl and spend the whole four days on the couch!

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AJ48 said...

I know what you mean about coming home to an empty house. Can be a bit depressing. But cheer up...do a fun girls night in, sleepover! Get a few bottles of wine, some appetizers, maybe the "sex in the city" movie or a few fun board games....I did that when my hubs went away for a bachelor party. Made it a lot easier. : )

And if ya get bored...us girls are here!!