Tag, I'm it!

I was tagged by Christina!

If you’re reading along with me, here are your instructions: 1. Find your sixth picture folder and in that folder, the sixth picture 2. Post it on your blog with some of the background of the picture 3. Tag four others and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been tagged.

I'm at work, so my picture resources are limited at the moment. My choices are engagement photos and honeymoon photos right now, so here's my 6th honeymoon photo:

I took this photo on our honeymoon to the Mayan Riviera. We were at Tulum, an ancient Mayan city. The water there is absolutely beautiful! I really wanted to climb down and go swimming, but the hubs had a NASTY cold. I was lucky I got him to leave the hotel room that day!

Anyway, I love this photo. It reminds me of what a great time we had and how beautiful our honeymoon was. Awww :)

Now I'm tagging...




-my husband grows cotton- said...

That is a beautiful picture! I wish I was at the beach right now!

Christina said...

What a pretty picture!!