HSG and more waiting

Sorry sorry, I know I haven't posted an update on my HSG adventure. I started to the other day but then hubs came home and wanted my attention. So here it is!

The HSG itself wasn't too awful. It basically felt like cramps, and kind of icky, and I almost passed out afterwards, but it wasn't the worst thing that I've ever been through. However, right before we left the house for the appointment, DH decided to tell me that his friend called that day to let him know his wife is pregnant. It started a huge fight that didn't really end until after the HSG. No fun. But it gave me the opportunity to show the hubs that brochure "What Infertility Feels Like" (thanks Katie). I always assumed he just automatically understood my crazy emotions, but I realized that's unfair. He liked the brochure and gets me more now. I think this journey, although it is really hard and sometimes pushes us apart, overall is bringing the hubs and I closer together.

I don't have the results of my test yet. The nurse told me I could try to ask afterwards but that they usually don't say and I'd probably have to wait to hear from my doctor. To be honest I was just trying to imagine I was somewhere else the whole time so I completely forgot to even ask. My doctor's office said they usually get results in 3 to 5 days and would call me when they have them. So hopefully it's more liek 3 days and I'll know very soon. Otherwise you better believe I'll be calling them!

I think I'll be Oing in the next few days so the marathon has begun. This will be the first "for real" 2WW I've had in a couple months and already I feel my hopes getting up... Yeah, and I call myself a pessimist. I'm so ashamed!! ;)

Oh! We used our fire pit for the first time on Saturday night! It's so pretty, but still not totally done. Some of the capstone bricks aren't sticking to the cinder block base, so we have to epoxy them on, then still have to do a little border of pavers around the outside of the base. I think this is what home ownership is all about though - dozens of little almost-complete projects...


AJ48 said...

Yeah that the HSG is done!! I am surprised they didnt give you the films right there? That is how I knew right away...I could see both of the tubes in the xray. Oh well...so you wait a day or two.

I feel the same way about me and my hubs. I think its bringing us closer together...and of course we have our fights, but that you have to figure will always happen! What was that brochure you were talking about? That is something I would love to give my sister, since she doesnt understand one bit!

Good Luck on those results and let us know!!!

Kitty said...

Ashley - I found it on MyHusbandGrowsCotton's blog, now it's on TTCFarmwife. Here's the link:


I hope it helps, I'm thinking of forwarding it to some more people too!

-my husband grows cotton- said...

(((( O VIBES!))))) I hope you O soon and have good timing. Hope the results your HSG are good!

Caitlin said...

Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones that the HSG increased your fertility! Glad to know it went okay...seems like we are both playing the waiting game...