Yesterday (or maybe Monday, I can't remember exactly) I received in the mail paperwork from my doctor's office to schedule my HSG, and on it it says "28 y/o w OVARIAN DYSFUNCTION/INFERTILITY."  Yes, with the caps and all.  And at the time I kind of took offense - who are they calling infertile??  Oh yeah... me.  

It took until today for it to actually sink in that since we hit the 12 month mark of TTC I am officially in the "infertile" club.  Boy does it suck.  Then it occurred to me that although I've been sharing my trials and tribulations with my family throughout the year, I'm pretty sure the hubs' parents are clueless as to what we're going through.  So I emailed him suggesting that we or he talk to them about it.  If only to ensure that we don't get any more comments from them like, "just relax and it will happen," or, "you're not gardening enough."  But seriously, I would like them to be a little involved, and maybe be able to count on them for some support too.  Or at the very least just for a little understanding.

I hope they are able to understand that it is really hard for us right now.  I was thinking about getting them some information about infertility so I checked out resolve.org's website for the first time ever this afternoon.  It just hit the nail so perfectly on the head that I was choking back tears at work.  Although, who am I kidding, for the past several weeks I tear up at the drop of a hat!  It's starting to get ridiculous - you know that Carrie Underwood song "All American Girl?"  Yeah.  It made me weepy on the way to work the other day.  How embarrassing is that?

Okay I'm going to try to stop feeling sorry for myself now.  Atticus wants some attention!

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AJ48 said...

I think I am going to send my sister to that website...hopefully it will help her understand a little bit better. Its hard dealing with people who just cant understand or sympathsize. Good Luck with your in-laws..I am sure it will go well.

I hear ya, about the crying at the drop of a hat...it tends to get a bit rediculous at times. Hubs and I will be watching TV and when something remotely sad comes on (usually about babies) he looks at me...knowing that I probably have tears in my eyes! It sucks!! And its okay to feel sorry for yourself!!

I just came to the realization that I am now in the "infertile" club too! : (