Things are getting a bit hectic at work right now, which normally I like. Being bored at work is way suck. It gives me too much time to dwell on the things that are bringing me down, since I'm an internalizer in a major way. However, I have to schedule training for 10 branches in the next month, and I'm a little worried because I also have to schedule my HSG, probably right around April 1st. I'm the project manager for this huge ordeal and my boss isn't going to take too kindly to me missing an entire day right in the middle of everything. So I'm just PRAYING they'll be able to schedule me in the afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed please! I really don't want to have to wait another month to find out if my parts are working the way they should...

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AJ48 said...

Fingers Crossed!!!

Good Luck with your HSG too!!