2 Acronyms of note

Acronym #1: PMS
I've been struck with a case of PMS. I just love how AF likes to switch things up from month to month. I used to think I had a standard form of PMS every month, but TTC makes you see things more clearly, dontcha think?

This month it's bitchiness/mood swings/generally being overly emotional, a sensitive nose, tiredness, and mild boobie pain (which is a nice change from the SEVERE boobie pain I used to get regularly). Oh yeah and the headache! I've had a headache for three days now. That's new. Wee!

AF is due Sunday or Monday. Even with the raging YI I think we timed our BD/TBM pretty well this C, but I am deliberately refusing to get my hopes up. Really there is no reason for me to think I am pg anyway.

Acronym #2: TAB
I need to keep the hopes down because hubs and I have decided to TAB for a couple months after this C. At least June and July, and we'll see about August. I'm choosing to think of it as "Summer Vacation." It's not that we do much in the way of TTC anyway, just timed BDing and occasionally OPKs, but it will be good to just enjoy the summer (and each other) without pressure.

We don't have any big plans for the summer, just trying to squeeze in local stuff on the weekends. Hopefully it will be fun-filled and relaxing!


Dot said...

High five girlfiend on the pms ! I take B6 ( 50mg) to help with the sore bubbies . Can't help you though with the bitchiness...no pills for that ! lol..

I likey the TAB method for the summer months..get in some relax-e-on time with the hubs !

Steph O. said...

I take B6 too & have noticed several benefits. Take chocolate for the bitchiness. ;)

TAB isn't so bad. I've actually enjoyed mine. Though I'm wanting to get back to ttc.

Caitlin said...

I'm with you on the PMS...I think we must be on the same CD or something. AF is due Mon or Tues. LOL isn't that strange how we all seem to be PMSing around the same time? :)