Sigh... all hope for humanity is lost


Read the first sentence, then see allllllll the replies below.

Seriously. Most 5 year olds can follow directions better than these "women."

That said, I think the new message board is a great idea.


elephantscanremember said...

Ha Ha! People are stupid. And these are the ones that breed easily.

Christina said...

wtf is wrong with people???

Erin said...

WTF? I don't think I even comprehended their "questions."

Steph O. said...

What a bunch of dopes!

I was reading one earlier about someone on Depo, but who'd 'been wit her man', so could she be pg? Oh, here it is, this might be easier-


Caitlin said...

LOL that is seriously retarded. I'm sorry but those ladies are off in la-la-land.

Kitty said...

LOL Steph that was pure gold!

I have some advice for her: STOP HAVING SEX. Seriously. That'll solve all her problems.

Allison said...

*eyeroll* People!!