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First things first: Thanks for all the book suggestions! (And by all means, keep them coming!) I usually buy a couple books every summer and I never know what to get. This time I'll be taking some of your suggestions for sure. :)

Vag Update: Turns out the doc at my GP is a lot more laid back than the NP, which was nice. I was actually able to ask questions for once. I didn't get a whole lot of info I didn't already know, but at least I felt like I got all my concerns out there. So, it's not yeast, and not bacteria. He took a culture just in case, and also gave me an Rx for dif.lucan, just in case. Sigh... I'm pretty sure this means my old unexplained itchies are back after 2+ years of leaving me in peace. I do have some meds for it, but I think I'll wait to see if the culture grows out before I start using them. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and it will clear up on its own seeing as it's not as bad as it used to be. The power of positive thinking, right??

Other Stuff: I decided I need to spend more time with the girls. (And no, by "the girls" I don't mean my fun bags, I mean my female friends! Geez.) I have been neglecting them lately, and the silence of my cell phone is a testament to that. So on Friday I'm going with a pal to see J.osh Gro.bin at the Holl.ywood Bo.wl. I'm not a particular fan, but hey, free tickets! And I've never been there, so it should be fun. We're gonna bring some wine and a picnic, which makes anything fun!

Unfortunately, that means I also have to let hubs do stuff without me too. Which only bothers me when he's out doing stuff I want to do - like going to the Dodger game tomorrow! Lame. Maybe I'll try to have an impromptu girls night at my place while he's out.

Okay, back to yet another day in the longest series of boring days at work there ever was. I think I need a new job.

Happy Hump Day!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your crotch problems...hopefully Dr. Laid back can find an answer for you soon !

High five on hangin out with the girls...I went to the Hollywood Bowl ( while on vaca )looks kinda cool ! Take photos !

Caitlin said...

So it's not Yolanda? That is strange...here's to hoping it goes away on its own!

I hear ya on the boring day... *yawns*

Anonymous said...

Ohh so sorry about the vag issues. I hope the doc can find an answer for you soon and stop all this.

Erin said...

Did the doc have any insight for you at all as to why you keep having problems down there? Has he mentioned allergic reactions to anything like certain fabrics, soaps, toilet paper etc? It has to be something getting you irritated!

Sorry, I hope they can do something for you!

Have fun with the girls.

Allison said...

The itchies suck - and even worse when they are unexplained! :(

I think all your talk about Yolanda made my lady parts jealous. Been struggling with Yvette Imannoying myself -- and while camping. UGH.

Have fun with the girls! And by that, I mean the humanoid type. But if you want to get your kicks with your "fun bags" (LMAO), I won't judge.