And another thing!

There is no single thing to blog about today, so here are a few little things for your enjoyment.

1. Today was a crazy ass day! I started a post about how boring my job is, and how I never have enough work to get me through the day, then I ended up getting slammed with enough work for three days! I secretly love these kinds of days though, they make me feel useful.

2. My department is being audited internally, and my cube neighbor is convinced the auditor has the hots for me. I say let him! And what's more, I'll even be nice to him (okay, I'm actually nice to everyone). Maybe he'll give us preferential treatment!

3. I live a pretty drama-free life, but people are stirring it up lately and I am sick of it. I think I'm gonna fly under the radar for a bit.

4. I'm ditching a baby shower in a few weeks to go to a Dodger game for my birthday. How many of you would spend your birthday at a baby shower?? Not me. (Okay, technically it's 2 days later, my b-day is the 23rd - Thurs, and the shower is Sat the 25th. But still.)

5. Hubs wants to go check out another A4 tonight! Oh, how I am lusting after this car. Only now he wants me to pick up dinner at the grocery store. I loathe the grocery store, especially after work. :P

And hey, it's time to go home! Happy Hump Day Eve!

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Allison said...

Go hot stuff!!

I think the guy who works the front desk at my Y has the the hots for me. When I mentioned it to Hubby, he said "the one that looks like a retard?"