I actually woke up bitchy today.

For starters, right before I woke up I'd been having a dream that hubs was doing things with another woman. I'm still using YI meds, which are never fun to wake up to, and my parts are all irritated from them. And the cat was tearing around the house like a bat outta hell, then scratching in his litter box for minutes on end (he gets obsessive, just like his mom!), then loudly chewing on a loose thread he found on the comforter, then crying to be fed. Also, I have a stomach ache that has stayed with me from yesterday. I had the faint, fond hope that maaaaybe it could be "it," but alas, hubs has a stomach ache too, and one of my employees just told me she does too. Sounds like something is going around. Grrreeaat...

As I was trying to suppress the waves of nausea this morning, I came to the tentative conclusion that I need a break from TTC. I've been super stressed about it, my YIs, family problems, and work lately. Plus, hubs and I are taking a 2 week road trip in early September that I really don't want to be all pukey for (on the off, OFF chance I did get KU before then). So I will be pondering this a little more, but most likely we'll be taking a couple months off I think.

Okay, gotta get some work done today. Hope everyone else is having a better day!


Tanya said...

I hope your tummy settles and you have a better day! I miss my cat too since youo talk about all its doing!

Erin said...

I think emotions are going around...wth?

I hope you feel better soon with your belly ache and your YI. They are never fun at all.

My cat drives me crazy too, of course I love her, but sometimes....grr.

As far as TAB, sometimes it is for the best to just let go for a couple of months to recoup. I am forced (sorta) right now, so if you decide to I will be right with ya!

Allison said...

You're right, this IS a crappy week.

I hope your week gets better and that your tummy feels better.

P.S., Did you yell at your hubs when you woke up? I'm guilty of that.... "I'm mad at you!....cuz of my dream." sigh

AJ48 said...

Awwwh. I hope your day gets better sweetie! Dont cha just love days like these :)

And I hate bad dreams like that...I get really mad at hubs when I dream something like that! hahaha

Caitlin said...

OMG so nice to know I'm not the only one who feels ill about bad "infidelity dreams". He doesn't understand why I get mad when I wake up.

I hope you begin to feel better soon hun...and whatever you decide (break or not) we're here for ya. Sometimes TAB is good just to get your relationships back on track. GL:)

Anonymous said...

Is it a full moon ? seems like everyone is in a bitchy-ass mood lately.

I really hope you are feeling up to your ol self soon ! Plus the emotions with ttc can set a woman over the edge ! eeekkkkkk....

-my husband grows cotton- said...


I hope your YI and stomach bug go away soon!