We are on a BREAK!

So why is it that this C I had more EWCM and just CM in general than ever? I'm fairly certain we missed the window, so no chance of baby, but I have just been noticing so much STUFF. It's weird. I wonder if it's the tea I've been drinking. Tell me what you think:

Sunday I was a little hungover and drank iced green tea all day long (like 5 or 6 tall glasses). I had a HUGE glob of stretchy CM Sunday night. I was out of green tea at work so I've been drinking this herbal tea all week, and I've been really good about drinking water all day long lately too **pats self on the back**. On Tuesday and Wednesday I had RIDICULOUS amounts of EWCM. Like having to go to the bathroom regularly to clean up for fear of all the moisture causing another YI. Then yesterday and today I've been having craploads of sorta lotiony CM, again, several trips to the john to keep things dry. It's just odd.

Also, I just want to say that sex on a break is soooooooooo much better than TTC sex!! :)


Anonymous said...

Green tea def improves the cm...

High-FIve on SOAB ( Sex on a break )!!!

Erin said...

Green tea huh?

I will have to try that.

Yes, I agree, sex is better when not TTC.

Although, I believe my sex drive went out the window with Zoloft.

Caitlin said...

I must be a total Fri.end.s nerd because I totally thought you were quoting it. :)

SOAB is the best...because you don't have baby thoughts in the back of your mind!

Kitty said...

LOL If you are, Caitlin, I am too. Cuz I was totally referencing Frie.nds! :)

-my husband grows cotton- said...

Green tea is good for you and your CM!

Glad the sex is good ;) ;)

Allison said...

LMAO at "SOAB" -- I completely went to the cursing. ;)

And yes, I heard Ross yelling in my head when I read your title - well done, my friend.