I started feeling better around noon, and I'm continuing to improve. I'd say I'm at about 85% now.

My employee has been improving as well, as has the hubs. I was emailing a friend, who, when I told her my symptoms (nausea, light-headedness, hot flashes) said her fiance was feeling the same way for a while, and just started feeling better too.

I've never heard of anything like this before, have you? I believe everyone started feeling sick when they woke up (except me, I went to bed with WICKED heartburn), and started feeling better around mid-afternoon.

My friend Katherine thinks it was due to the cloud coverage, carrying mold spores (she used to work for an allergist and apparently that can happen...?), and now that the clouds have cleared people are feeling better.

BUT I personally think it's a conspiracy! The government has created a weakened version of sw.ine flu, which they made airborne over southern CA! And it only targets people I know... who... work within a 20-mile radius of where I work...? Oh never mind. ;)


Thisluckylady said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better.
It is odd sometimes how it seems like everyone around you is also sick...


Allison said...

Conspiracy. Definitely.

But not the gov't. Aliens. Duh.


Lila said...

The mold thing makes sense. But perhaps the gov't is up to something! lol Glad your feeling better!

Steph O. said...

I'd go with the mold spores thing, but I think they are a gov conspiracy! ;)

Erin said...

It must have jumped across the country. My son woke up projecting vomit all over the floor at 1:30 this morning.