Farewell, wicked witch!

AF's reign of terror has ended, for this month anyway. Hooray!! Although she started out with a vengeance, she tapered off pretty quickly. And, remember how I mentioned my period lasts 7 days every month, but the past few months I stop bleeding on CD4, only for it to pick up again on CD5? Well this month there was no "pause." Not sure if that's due to the raspberry leaf tea or the exercise I've been making sure I put in every other day, but either way, I'm happy! "Normal" is a good thing.

So the BD fest has started once again. I think I'll do OPKs this month so I can determine when to cut back on the raspberry leaf tea. I'm not really afraid it's that bad for pregnancy, not to mention I'm not particularly hopeful that I'll even get pregnant, but I guess you can't be too careful right?


Pinkzombies said...

exciting and good luck!

E said...

glad she left the building!! Witch.

God my period used to do the same thing. Drive me nuts. It didn't make sense all the pain I was in and hardly bleeding at all.

Heather said...

cycles are such weird thing. Mine will seem like it's ending and then all of a sudden I get this BAD headache and this last (sorry) gush.I hate it, and it ALWAYS catches me off guard.
GOOD LUCK THIS MONTH!! I won't be able to BD while in my fertile window because I have a lovely HSG waiting for me during that time.