Work sucks, let's plan a party

I'm having one of those "I am so utterly bored by my job that I'm considering skipping through the cube farms singing 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' just so everyone doesn't think I'm as boring as my job makes me seem" moments.

Oh wait, that's every day.

Can you tell my job isn't a good fit for me?

Every few months since I started here I go through a period of absolute dread. I browse the internet for a new job, my motivation goes from miniscule to nonexistent, I daydream about starting my own business (which hubs and I will do... once we figure out what...), and I forget to be grateful that I'm making 25% more money here than I was at the job I loved but was laid off from over 2 years ago. I hate being like this, and I honestly wish I did enjoy my job, but I just can't.

So the job search coming up empty as it always does, my mind goes to 1. trying to come up with a great idea for a small business, and 2. planning stuff. I truly love making plans! Last year's big plan was for the road trip and this year it's going to be for my 30th birthday. It's in July, and I would LOVE to have a smashingly fabulous outdoor cocktail party.

Of course, this will not be possible at my house, because my backyard is not what you would call "smashing" or "fabulous." Or even "cocktail-y" for that matter. (Although it is perfect for beer fest! Which I also have to start planning.) Lucky for me, I happen to know of a wonderful backyard that's gorgeously landscaped, with three levels of decks that go up an embankment much taller than the house and offer lovely views of the ocean. It sports built-in seating and serving areas, outdoor speakers, and even twinkle lights that look like fireflies! It is the perfect backyard for a cocktail party, and it never gets used as such... at least not since my brother and SIL's wedding rehearsal dinner two years ago. Yep that's right, it's my parents' backyard!

Of course, I haven't actually asked them if I can use their house for a party, but I'm pretty sure they'll acquiesce. It will be the party of the decade, and they'll be invited, after all!

Mmm... back to daydreaming my day away...


Kate said...

Oh - sounds like fun - I want to come!!!

I'm a planner too... it seems helpful at times and bites me in the @ss other times! I can relate to the job thing too - I took this job to cut my commute from 120 miles/day to 40 miles/day and I'd rather scoop out my eye with a spoon than go there every day... I guess we should be thankful we have jobs!

E said...

sorry you are bored at your job. when I was at the bank, it was extremely stressful. but, I was on the public side of it.

sounds like a great party.

great, shift is not working and I can't capitalize anything.

Sweet Pea said...

Doesn't it just make for one long day when you are bored ! Hopefully the daydreaming filled in the gaps, we all need one of those days once in awhile.

^J^ said...

That does sound lavish!! No wonder you said chicken & broccoli was domestic. =)

Is Kitty short for some hollywood actress/famous person? And, so you go by that name to protect your privacy from us fellow bloggers!?!?!

Allison said...

That sounds AWESOME! (The birthday bash, not being so bored with work that you want to claw your eyeballs out.)

You cracked me up with this post. :) Thanks!

I always get the best word verifications on your page. Today's word: deadsta. Like, gangsta, but, well, dead. An ex-gangsta, if you will.

Emily said...

Um, I'm inviting myself to your party... sounds very glam!!! Sorry you are bored at work... hopefully you can find something to help you pass the time!!

E said...

LOL, deadsta!!

Yes, Kitty, I get so bored I re-read posts!! lol.

Heather said...

oh man. I think EVERYONE can relate to that feeling. And it's so awful. Sometimes I would feel like I just wanted to leave. And never come back. ever.

Living Life on Atkins said...

yay@! i love your parents back yard, it's so amazing and beautiful. I wanta come