My train of thought jumped the tracks

Today is another day of not much interesting to talk about. And yes, I will regale you with all the mundane details anyway.

(How's that for an attention-grabbing opener? Take that, Freshman AP English!)

A little wave of melancholy went over me a few minutes ago. I've been slightly on edge all day and AF is due in a week, so I guess it's not too surprising, but it did catch me off guard. Interesting. I guess that means I've been doing pretty well lately in the depression department. It's really, really easy to let these feelings linger, and deepen, and not bother trying to stop them though.

Sidenote - One of the underlings just gave me something called a Mel.ty.ble.nd and it is pure delicious! It's a little chocolatey-hazelnutty morsel of melt-in-your-mouth creamy heaven that she got in a Japanese market in Little Tokyo. Makes me want to drive down to L.A. and pick up a whole case!

I think that snapped the melancholy right out of me. Nice :) All of the pick-me-up, none of the effort. Thanks, Japan!

Well, my friend didn't call me last night like she was supposed to, to tell me where spin class is (and you know I wasn't about to call her and find out!), so I'm off the hook tonight! It's kind of a relief actually. Now I'm going bridesmaid dress shopping with Tracy instead. I think she's actually close to coming to a decision, so it should be fun.

Hmm... it just occurred to me that there is a very small possibility of me being rather pregnant at Tracy's wedding. It's in August. Of course, I know better than to hope it will actually happen though.

I guess that's about it. You lucked out, not too many mundane details after all. ;)


Pinkzombies said...

i think it would tickle you pink to be a pregnant bridesmaid

Misty Dawn said...

I'd love to be the PG bridesmaid!! There's no harm in holding your breath and hoping, right? Yeah, I wouldn't call to see where the class was either. LOL How hard is a spin class anyways? I'm so intimidated to do one of those.

Kitty said...

LOL I agree with both of you, I'd love to be a PG 'maid!

Misty - spinning is HARD. You can kind of go at your own pace, but you can't stop moving! It's fun though, and you burn a TON of calories!!

tracy said...

We are so going maternity dress shopping together if it happens! and I'm gonna have the photographer take a pic of me kissing your belly