My productive weekend

Well I had a very productive weekend! It's awesome to start off the new year finishing up a bunch of projects that we've been meaning to do for oh... a year and a halfish... So here's our weekend in photos:
First off, we finally got a new curtain rod and sheers, and re-hung our new curtains for our front window! It's amazing how much more finished the window looks. Plus now we can get some sunlight in during the day and still retain a little privacy. (Oh yeah, we also cleaned this window inside and out, but you obviously can't tell in this pic.)

Wow that is one bright photo! This is our kitchen, and I made these cafe curtains today. This was one of our "fishbowl" rooms, as the window on the right faces directly into one of our neighbor's windows. The kitchen is yellow and white with black accents, but the walls are such a stark white (which actually looks a lot less intense in person) that I wanted to break it up with some dark, bold curtains. There are two panels for each window so they can open up down the middle. I think they turned out pretty nice!

Here's a close-up of the fabric.

Our blinds for our bedroom and office arrived on Thursday (they match the ones in the living room), so hubs put all four sets up today as well. I'll have to take off some of those extra slats to give them a more "custom" look, but aren't they nice? JCPenney ROCKS. We got these for 50% off!

And finally, I made this little drawstring bag for my Wii Fit Balance Board. Hubs had told me they sell covers for like $20, but I figured I could whip something up myself for a lot cheaper than that, and I did! I just bought a yard of flannel (way more than I actually needed) and knocked this sucker out in about 30 minutes.

Ahh... I feel so accomplished now! The inside of our house feels so much more complete with all the window treatments finished, and I'm sure our neighbors appreciate it too. :)


^J^ said...

Wow, Aren't you crafty!! I LOVE how your windows are placed in the corners - my fave! And the print on your kitchen curtains is very pretty. Good job, girl!

E said...

Really nice Kitty!! I made my kitchen curtains too. Sewing simple things is easy to do. I love the "bold" fabric too.

elephantscanremember said...

That's awesome!

I admire your handiwork.

Anonymous said...

Great fabric choices! Wow, you were productive this weekend! What a great start to the New Year!!

Kate said...

Love the curtains - they look great!

M said...

Looks great Kitty!!

And you are so crafty! I love your projects!

tracy said...

I love your fabrics! You are quite talented my dear.