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I know it's old news to everyone else, but I finally saw Up for the first time last night. Oh. My. Gosh. I cried like 4 or 5 times throughout the movie, not just that part near the beginning. I was actually so emotional that I was unable to "perform" last night! Granted it was also past my bedtime when we finished the movie. Oops... So much for every day this week! I haven't noticed any EWCM yet, but I have a feeling it will be here today, so tonight is a MUST. No sadness or stress allowed today!

After work tonight hubs and I are reconnecting with some more old friends - my older brother and SIL! They got married 5 months after hubs and I, and the four of us would hang out all the time during our respective engagements. SIL got pregnant right after their wedding and I got a temp job at the wine club where she worked after I got laid off, so we still hung out quite a bit until my niece was born. Of course once she arrived that changed things and we don't see each other nearly as much anymore, which is a shame! So tonight we are, naturally, playing Wii at their house. Since we have one now we're bringing our remotes over so that we can all four play Mario Kart, which is one of my FAVORITE games ever. Should be some good times!

Any suggestions for SUPER EASY yet somewhat healthy snacks to bring along? I was just going to get some pre-cut veggies and maybe some cheese or something along those lines. I am talking RIDICULOUSLY easy - pick it up at the supermarket and throw it on a platter easy. But it would be nice if it was something a little more creative than a veggie platter... unfortunately my brain is fried today from staring at excel for hours on end.


-my husband grows cotton- said...

Sorry no help with the appetizer. I don't know any healthy ones off the top of my head!

I haven't seen UP yet...guess I need to see it!

MotherHen said...

Cream cheese + shrimp + salsa (all on top, not mixed)

use wheat thins to scoop.



elephantscanremember said...

"Up" was a wonderful movie. It made me really sad too.

Allison said...


I like to be the princess in the pimped out caddy - because she totally shows her underwear on the jumps Hy-larry-eeous!

I'd probably do a veggie tray and leave it in the plastic container. It's classy.

E said...


Grapes, cheese, wheat crackers....apple slices

Or you could do tortilla chips with salsa.

I have been trying to get Mario Kart.

We watched Up Christmas Eve. I was surprised at how sad the beginning was. It was a cute movie.

Heather said...

Ok, I'm terrified to watch Up. People keep saying how sad it is.
easy app. My mother in law takes cream cheese, mixes brown sugar, (enough to make it sweet, or to your tasting), then pours in some Heath bits (not the chocolate covered ones) and serves it with sliced apples. YUM, huge hit at any party she throws.
good Luck.