10 on Tuesday

I got the idea to do 10 on Tuesday from Junebug's Musings (who, in case you were wondering, got it from this blog, who has apparently gone private).  Seeing as I'm low on inspiration (and yes, high on perspiration as a matter of fact, thanks for asking) lately, I figured this could jumpstart my creative juices and get me blogging more frequently.  So here goes!

1. Our new employee starts today.  She's currently sitting in HR getting the skinny on the Seventh Circle of Hell our fine institution here and will be joining me in Outer Purgatory my wonderful department shortly.

2. My women's group is going full swing!  Over the weekend my friend/partner in crime, A, heard about this event on Women for Women (http://www.womenforwomen.org/) and signed us up.  So next Tuesday evening we'll be standing on a bridge in our town, taking a stand against the injustices and brutal treatment of women in Afghanistan, and generally engaging in a symbolic movement to "bridge" women all over the world.  Our next meeting is this Thursday, so we'll see how many people we can get to join us.  There's only one other bridge event in the county, so we may even try to get the local paper to come out.

3. On Sunday I was talking to a friend of mine and Hubs's about a potential job opportunity.  This guy is a partner in a graphic design startup, and though they've only been around for about a year, they're growing fairly quickly.  He said he would hire me and even let me come in to test it out if I wanted to before I commit.  It's not entirely stable at this point, but if it works out there's HUGE potential.  I'm very, very seriously considering this option.

4. I think I'm wearing Hubs down on the subject of getting a kitten.  I've been bugging him about it for at least a year and he always telle me no.  Sigh...  Yes, I even try pulling the IF card from time to time, but I tell you that man has no soul.  (Just kidding, he totally has a soul.  Mine may have been stolen from me by my employer, but he's managed to keep his intact thus far.)  BUT!  On Sunday, I brought it up while we were at breakfast with some friends and they kind of took my side.  :)  Hubs is worried that bringing a new cat into the house will upset our chi and Atticus will hate it; to be honest I worry about that too.  We have a very mellow home and Atticus is happy.  But he's over 5 years old and lazy as shit so I think a playmate might be good for him.  And dammit, I want a kitten and it's never going to get any easier to introduce one into our home.  So now Hubs is sort of considering it!

5. Jeez it's hard to come up with 5 things to talk about, let alone 10!  Can that be my #5?  K, thx.

6. The man cave (a.k.a. garage) is coming along!  Did I already tell you this?  Well, it's almost completely insulated now, and we just have one wall left to drywall.  Hubs hung up some lights so we can finally stop using the floor lamp that we set up ages ago by the door.  We have big plans for this thing!  I want to get my piano in there (currently housed at my parents'), put the futon and a rug in, put in a basin sink next to the washer and dryer, and hopefully, you know - if there's any room left over, be able to park my car in there.  Slowly but surely...

7. It is COLD here.  Rainy, cold, and COLD.  I'm tired of it.  Spring needs to hurry the F up already.

8. I think Hubs solved the problem we've been having with stray cats.  We discovered a gap between our back fence and the next door neighbor's where the cats were getting in and out.  Hubs patched it up a week or two ago and we haven't seen any back there ever since.  Good thing too, if I found one more cat turd next to my half-dug-up rose bush I was going to put out the antifreeze for them to feast on.  (Okay not really, Hubs was about to do it and I stopped him. I'm not an animal killer, I just have some anger issues.)

9. Seriously, this is hard.  Have you ever tried to come up with 10 things to talk about in a row?  Or am I the only one with no life? 

10. I've taken so long to write this that the new employee is here and at her desk!  She's very nice and seems very capable.  Better yet, she has lots of experience using our system!  I have high hopes for this chick... not that it matters, since God willing I'll be leaving the company soon.  Until then, hopefully she'll make my life easier!


Alex said...

Good luck with the new job opportunity - that sounds very exciting! And I'm very impressed about your women's group - amazing!

I really hope you get a kitty - they're so fun. I would get one too, except I promised my hubs no more cats. Plus I realized after my cat died that my constant allergies amazingly cleared up. Hmmm...

junebug said...

Yeah for joining me in the fun. :-) It can be so hard to come up with 10 some weeks.

I would love a cat but hubby is allergic. I have been looking at dogs more lately but we already have two. Hubby would kill me. Sigh.

The job opportunity sounds promising. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Ahhh a man cave. Awesome!

Tracy said...

We should get together to talk about introducing new cats into an established household. Scott and I are agonizing over this decision. Since our balance and "chi" was destroyed with our baby girl cat Lily tragically dying, we don't know what's best for Max. We do however have tons of recently acquired info on how to introduce a new cat with the best chances for not upsetting the resident cat too much. I also strongly recommend LIFE Animal Rescue (we are looking to adopt Griffin) and Concerned People for Animals (CPA) for adoptions.

Tracy said...

Or maybe you should adopt griffin. He's a real cutie and loves to play!