The weekend wrap-up

Why are Monday mornings so rough?  I think it's because of the anticipation of an entire new workweek.  Five long days stretch out ahead of me as far as the eye can see (or the mind can imagine) and the potential for misery seems endless.  But by the time Tuesday rolls around and Monday is a memory I usually feel better.  Just gotta make it through today!

How was your weekend?  All in all mine was pretty good.  The weather was beautiful on Saturday so Hubs spent the day mowing and edging the yard while I was cooped up in the office/lounge/Atticus's room creating the logo for my women's group.  We just upgraded to Photoshop CS5 from CS2 and I didn't realize how many things can change in three upgrades until I took on this little project!  It ended up taking me about 4 hours to get it done enough to be usable for now, but I think it came out pretty nice.  I'll post it here after it makes its debut on the group blog so you can judge for yourselves :) 

Grandma's birthday party on Sunday was fun.  I'm so glad my whole immediate family was able to make the 3 hour drive down to San Diego for it.  It was nice to see my cousins, aunt and uncle, and of course Grandma too!  She's struggling with Alzheimer's, but she's been on that medication that's supposed to slow it down and it seems to help.  She still forgets whose kid is whose and couldn't remember who gave her the lovely wrap she received 20 minutes after opening it (it was my mom, in case you were wondering), but overall she still has her faculties about her, remembers who we all are, and is reasonably "with it."

My sister and her family brought their new puppy along for the ride yesterday as well, and she's just about the cutest thing ever.  She's an 11 week old Shiba Inu, which is one of the dogs that Hubs would like to eventually get.  So of course he fell in love with her and immediately started looking up the cost of Shiba Inu puppies on his phone.  If only he were that excited about getting a kitten! 

In an interesting turn of events, a friend recently mentioned this website and it got me thinking about IVF vacations.  They're cheaper than most standard IVF cycles plus you get an almost three week Costa Rican vacation out of it included in the cost!  Even if it's not quite like a "real" vacation (no drinking, sex, or much sightseeing since I'd have to rest most of the time) at least I wouldn't have to go to work; I could lay by the pool and read for days instead.  Hubs and I spent a good amount of time talking about it on Saturday and we figure once we pay off our debt it may be something we can pursue.  So it looks like our quest for a little bio VonD may not be over just yet after all...


M said...

The IVF vacation sounds great! I went to the website to check it out and it looks very professional and trustworthy.

Glad you had a good weekend. I'm jealous of your good weather ;)

Heather said...

Ugh, I agree 100% about Mondays. Actually I don't know anyone who likes Mondays. Or Tuesdays, which my birthday happens to fall on....
Ok, I googled those Shibu puppies, I MUST GET ONE!!! Absolutely darling!! To bad we already have 2 dingdong dogs already. Just kidding, I love them. Well one I love, one I like a lot.

Marianne said...

I just spent a half hour looking at that website...I had thought about medical tourism before but hadn't come across this one...the thing that is tempting is the "at least you got a vacation out of it" part. Hmmm...also good success rates.

Thanks for sharing!

Angie said...

We considered the IVF Vacation. Our only issue was that J couldn't take off that long at one time and I certainly didn't want to be there alone for part of it. Best wishes!

Glad the weather was nice for you. Next weekend looks good for us.