10 on Tuesday

1. On my day off last Friday I took a friend up on his offer to show me around his start-up company.  We've been talking about the potential for me to work there when they start opening up positions for several departments in the coming months.  The company is only 8 months old and still unstable, but at least they're making money; that's huge in this economy.  So if all goes to plan, I may very well be out of the bank in just a couple of months!

2. I went with a metallic blue instead of the usual reds and purples for my pedi on Friday and I'm loving it!  It's so refreshing.  Nail polish is a cheap thrill for me.  Whenever I need a pick-me-up I head over to the drug store and buy a new color.  And now I know what my next nail polish purchase will be!

3. Hubs and I went out with some friends on Friday night and discovered that we're old and boring.  Sigh...  I guess we've been cooped up in the house for too long because we've both lost the gift of gab around our friends.  Overall we had a good time and stayed out way past our bedtime, so at least we know we're not total geriatrics yet.

4. Our raised veggie garden is sooo close to being done!  We couldn't finish it this weekend because of the rain, but we have the space for it all cleared out and the holes for the posts dug.  Now all we need to do is pick up a truckload of soil and get planting.  We should be able to finish it this weekend.

5. Saturday night I went to a yoga and meditation class with my friend A (of Consider Bliss fame).  It was definitely outside of both our comfort zones, but it ended up being a really positive experience.  Let me see if I can freak you out a little with the details:  We started off with Kundalini yoga, which is apparently different from "regular" yoga in that it's much faster and there's more sweating involved.  There was some chanting and singing, and the meditation portion centered around an "Earth Gong bath".  The gong was really cool actually, it went on throughout the meditation and the sound seemed to fill every inch of the room.  I don't know if it cleansed me like it was supposed to, but I liked it.  I'd do it again sometime for sure.  Only I'd bring my own blanket next time because the "house" blankets smelled like feet.

6. After the class, A gave me a copy of the Spring 2011 issue of Bitch magazine.  I'd never read it before, but there was a short article about IF blogs (immediately preceded by a longer article about mommy blogs, but that's neither here nor there) that I found somewhat interesting.  Check it out if you come across it.

7. I need to gush for just a minute about what an awesome time Hubs and I had together on our rainy Sunday.  I mean it was pouring and windy and just awful outside, so we were stuck indoors for most of the day.  To entertain ourselves we dragged a bunch of blankets out to the living room, made some popcorn, opened a bottle (or two) of wine, and hung out on the floor watching movies and talking (and... other stuff) for hours.  I guess there's really not much to tell, but it was such a good time.  Totally a Top Ten kinda day.

8.  Actually, the whole weekend just pretty much rocked.  If only every weekend was like that!  Only problem was dragging myself out of bed and to the seventh circle of hell work on Monday morning. 

9. I'm excited about my group's next meeting, which is this Thursday, because the topic is Goals.  I have so many goals for myself right now, but the main one - finding a new job - is really frustrating me.  Not only because of the job search itself, but because I have no idea what I want to do.  I think about going back to school, getting some kind of certificate (like today I found out a dental hygienist makes as much in three days per week as I do slaving away full time at the bank!), but I don't want to commit to a program that I'm not 100% sure I'll be interested in.  So what do I do?  I'm hoping I'll get some inspiration on Thursday night.

10. Oh - I got out of the baby shower this weekend easily enough - I have to work!  Seriously, I was hoping I'd have a better excuse than that.  Or at least a funner excuse.  ;)  Oh well, it could be worse; I could be working and going to a baby shower!


junebug said...

1. Yeah!

2. I love a good pedi.

3. Sounds like you hung in there pretty well.

4. Jealous! I want to put in a raised veggie garden.

5. That is not a type of yoga I've tried before. Sounds interesting. In a few months I hope to try out some places in my new area. I always carry my own stuff. Sometimes those things don't get washed/cleaned very often.

6. I've never read it either. I do love a magazine called Skirt.

7. I fluffy heart days like that!

8. Ugh jobs from hell!

9. I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up and I'm old.

10. At least you got out of it!

E said...

I have a Kundalini (sp?) yoga DVD. I think it's pretty cool.

My Vegas said...

I love Bitch magazine. That publication is seriously underappreciated.

The Sunday with the hubs sounded lovely.

Alex said...

Your Sunday sounds amazing!!!

Marianne said...

What a great weekend!

I DO have to go to a baby shower this weekend :(

Heather said...

wish we could have a sunday like that.
hope you get out of your bank!! This other job sounds promising!

Marla said...

I wish I had a vegetable garden. Once upon a time, I did. And I was so proud of the lettuce I grew. :D But now I'm an apartment dweller. So all's I got is a pot to piss in, errr, i mean grow mint in - for tea. ;p I'll take what I can get.