I'm a little verklempt!

Now, I love my mother. But as supportive and wonderful as she has been throughout our TTC journey, I know she can't relate. She is one of the lucky uber fertile who managed to get pregnant every time she thought, "I'd like to have a baby."

I know I've mentioned that I would like to be able to talk to my aunt about IF. (It took her 10 years to get pg. Oh, and she's also my godmother.) I don't see her very often and we don't have a close relationship. So imagine my reaction when I see that she has posted a comment on my FB status from last night. She didn't say anything sublime, but just the acknowledgement that she understood was enough to get me teary.

I needed that this morning :)


Anonymous said...

That was very sweet of her !


E said...

Maybe you can use that as an excuse to talk and get closer to her? Maybe ask if she can share her story with you. My grandmother told me a lot about our families IF problems after my m/c. It really helped me a little.