Obsessing over LAP

(Similar to post on WMD.)

I found out today that my current crappy HMO is actually good for something - they'll pay 100% of the LAP for endo, as long as it's coded for pain of course. We're planning on switching to a PPO at the end of the year, but I doubt the PPO will pay 100% so might as well take advantage.

I guess it's time to call the GYN again, I haven't been there in MONTHS. I'm just worried that I'll get denied the surgery because I've already been in for IF. And because my doctor and I talked about endo, and I told him my cramps weren't TOO terrible. The consensus on WMD seems to be that I just call and say my cramps have gotten much worse since then, think that will work? :)

I know, I'm obsessing. I'm nervous about not being entirely truthful (although there have been months when the pain has been HORRIBLE). And yes, I'm also VERY nervous about having surgery!! You ladies that had it, how bad was it? How much time did you need to recover? Is there a particular time of the month they do it?


E said...

It seems to be on your mind. I would do it. Just go to your doctor and tell him you want a lap. Trust me they will do it. Just say you are concerned about your painful periods.

I had a lap done when I was 17 to rule out endo. It turns out I didn't have it but boy am I glad I did it. Because if I didn't, that same thought would be on my mind.

It wasn't too bad. I remember being very nervous. I remember my abdomen being very swollen and sore. I have shaking episodes after anesthesia but that is me. It's not fun but not too bad.

Anonymous said...

Your doctor is on YOUR side, not the HMO. I have an HMO currently, and my doctors are happy to code for reasons other than fertility, if I ask them. Be honest with your doctor, faking symptoms can have negative effects in the long run.

Good luck, I hope it all works out.

Christina said...

I did the same thing. I called and said that over the last few months my cramps had gotten worse, like really bad and that painkillers weren't working.

My GYN coded it as pain without an issue even though he really knew I wanted it for IF reasons.

I had my surgery on a Friday morning, laid around on Saturday and Sunday, went to the RE with Josh on Monday (a 2 hour drive) and then Tuesday I was back to work and no one even knew I had surgery.

I had mine done right before AF came, so I had spotting from the surgery for about a week and then AF started.

Anonymous said...

I was dx with IF before. I made sure they coded it for PAIN and not IF...

Sugery is outpatient. Had it on a Thursday , feeling better by Monday. Tired but better. I spotted from the surgery then went right into AF...

E said...

Oh and I remember afterwards I was bleeding heavily. I think it brought on my period?

Steph O. said...

I say call your dr & see if they do it & have it coded for pain. The dr wants to help you, the HMO has stupid rules, & you may as well take advantage of the loopholes. :)

Misty Dawn said...

Get it done girl!

Caitlin said...

I'm so glad you are deciding to get it done! Mine was coded as pain which really helped with the insurance.

The surgery itself isn't so bad, but if you've got nausea from the anesthesia let them know ahead of time!

My first lap in june i didn't realize I would get sick and I felt horrible the first couple of days. This time, I told them of my nausea and they gave me a patch to wear on my neck. It really works, and you can leave it on for two days!

The first one I bled heavily because they did a D&C as well as a hysterogram. I am barely spotting now and it's day 1 after surgery. It can bring on AF, and it shouldn't matter what CD you are on because they give you a pregnancy test before they operate.

Wishing you the best hun!!!

Allison said...

Hmm...I'll have to do a post soon about my lap experiences, and my bout on Lupron. In a nutshell, though, I think it's completely worth doing to just *know.*

Recovery is just a few days. The incisions are very small and heal up quickly. I had mine done in the FP - to ensure no chance I was pregnant. It worked out well. I also had HSGs with the laps. If you can get that covered, too, might be worth it to have it done (even if you've already had it done before). "They" say that you're more fertile for the first six months after each procedure individually - might as well up your odds!

Best of luck, Kitty. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a note.