So much to do, so little time!

Today is CD3. AF showed up with a vengeance right on time on Monday. She didn't mess around with any spotting nonsense either, just moved right in and made herself comfortable. That's fine by me, I don't need to drag it out!

Okay, TMI question - does anyone else get like, sore/raw/irritated skin near the opening and perineum around AF time? It drives me crazy! Seems like it mostly happens when it's hot out, and I try to switch off between pads and tampons, but even the string can irritate my skin. And it stays sore for days after AF is gone :( Geez, I am so sensitive! If anyone else experiences this, can you please tell me how to make it stop??

Back to not-gross stuff...

I have my first appointment with my shrink tonight right after work. I'm a little nervous. I know it will be fine, maybe even good, but I guess I'm just a little stressed lately with everything I need to get done at work and at home before going on vacation. It's not that I'm worried about the time it will take up; actually I don't really know what it is. I guess I just worry about everything!

We have lots to do before we leave on Sunday! Oh my gosh, we have procrastinated way too much this past month. We still have to book about half of our hotel rooms, print up (or go to AAA and pick up) maps for each area we'll be in, get directions to any of the attractions we might want to stop at along the way, not to mention we still have to get the car windows tinted, get the new stereo installed, try to find seat cushions, and pack! Hubs is taking care of the car stuff, I'll be working on the maps and attractions (we did buy a GPS though so that's a plus), and we're both packing and booking hotel rooms. We'll get it done, I'm just freaking out that our trip is only 4 days away!!

Speaking of which, I think I'm going to create YET ANOTHER blog for the road trip updates. I thought it would be easier for keeping this blog and my family-friendly blog separate (honestly I'm more worried about the family finding their way to this one than vice-versa). I'll post a link as soon as I get it set up. I hope you ladies will follow along :)


Anonymous said...

Good Luck with your therapist appt today..I will be thinking of you :)

E said...

Holy crap. You are leaving in 4 days and have all that stuff to do? I bet you are getting excited.

I will definitely be following your blog about your road trip.

My only complaints around AF time is sometimes I get a little itchy from the pads. I wonder if you are allergic to something? You could always see a dermatologists. They treat all areas of the body, even down there.

Allison said...

Good luck tonight, Kitty. Hope it goes well and your nerves calm down.

Your trip is almost here, your trip is almost here!!! Hooray! Damn, that's a lot to do, but you guys will get it done.

Are your feminine products scented at all? I have major problems with anything scented. I think you're just too damn sensitive, Kit. LOL!

Anonymous said...

"Your vajajay needs air, and pads do not help the situation, not even lightdays. It helps to sleep without underwear" ~exact quote from the nurse practitioner. She's funny.

Oh yeah! said...

I agree; I use all those non-perfume detergents and gentle soap in that area. I used to get YI and all that before, but I've been irritant free for a few years.

Emily said...

Have fun on your trip! You will have so much fun! You will get everything accomplished, so try not to worry! Can't wait to hear about your first appointment!