Took an HPT

Very unlike me, but I just wanted to get it over with since AF is taking her sweet time, and I happened to have an HPT lying around. Negative of course, if you hadn't guessed.

I was also curious because it's starting to feel like that really weird period I had a few months ago. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't, ya know, something bad.

Anyway, I sorta announced it on FB. And by "sorta" I mean, in so many words. I suppose that was a little impulsive, but what can it hurt, right? Just about everyone already knows we're trying and failing at babymaking anyway.

I'm feeling a little better (emotionally, at least) than I was earlier. Maybe the hormones are settling down. Now I can concentrate on which glasses go best with my new 'do :)


elephantscanremember said...

I am sorry, Kitty. (Hugs)

(Can I add you to my FB friends? If you don't mind, just respond with your name to my blog. I won't post it.)

Steph O. said...

I'm sorry Kitty! (((Hugs)))

^J^ said...

(((HUGS))) Sorry you got a negative. Take care!

Anonymous said...

smooches! You had fun not, not trying so keep up the good work and enjoymore not, not trying!

ps. I need to see this do in person soon!


E said...

I'm sorry Kitty. ((hugs))

Misty Dawn said...

Sorry girl (((HUGS)))