Talking to myself

Does anyone else talk to themselves?

I do. All the time! No matter where I am or who can hear me.

Let me paint you a picture: At work I sit in a barren wasteland. It's a section of the floor that has a row of cubicles lined up against each wall, and out of 7 cubicles only 3 are being used. Even though the entire floor is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, I can't see the light of day from where I sit. My desk is one of only about 3 on the floor that has no natural light visible anywhere near it. All I see are beige walls, beige desks, beige cubicles, and the beige top-of-the-head of the temp who now sits across from me. Oh, and if I turn around I can see the plant perched atop my cube wall. We're not allowed to put pins in our cubes, so I can't even dress up my space. It's like Communist Russia in here. Only newer and cleaner. Or so I imagine anyway - I always pictured Communist Russia as a cold, dark, dirty, sad place.

My two employees, who are the only two people here that keep me entertained, occupy the office next to me and have to keep their door closed for the security of their work. It gets very lonely out here. So, I do what I can to keep myself entertained, and sometimes (okay, often) that includes vocalizing my thoughts. Like at normal conversation level; most of the time I don't try to subdue my outbursts. I say stuff like, "Holy good gravy, can this computer go ANY SLOWER?" "Woohoo, I finally figured out this GD pivot table!" "Seriously, my phone never rings while I'm sitting here, but I get up for TWO MINUTES and I have two new voicemails??" And of course, the understated but always appropriate, "Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

Used to be my cube-neighbor, who is now on maternity leave, would occasionally respond to or laugh at my remarks. Now that she's gone it's crickets. Sigh... my inanity is wasted on these humorless people. Either that or they have too much work to do. (But I'm betting it's the former.)

My mom used to tell me that only crazy people talk to themselves. I really hope that's not true, although I wouldn't be surprised to find out I am actually crazy. So do any of you talk to yourselves without restraint (or with restraint), like me?


Emily said...

Does talking to your dog count? I spend a lot of time having serious conversations with Nelly. DH always wonders who I'm talking to... duh... the dog!

-my husband grows cotton- said...

Totally! Not all the time, but there are days I could keep someone entertained!

I laugh out loud all the time though when I read something funny...

elephantscanremember said...

Yep. I talk to myself a lot. I even get tired of myself. That's sad.

I totally understand about the phone! When I worked in insurance, I would sit and wait for a call, never getting it until I had to get up and go to the bathroom. Ugh, indeed!

E said...

Define talking to yourself. I don't have full blown conversations but occasionally I will "think" outloud.

It sounds like you are very isolated. I am too since I work from home. That is why I am always in blog land.

Christina said...

I talk to myself, a lot, so I'm crazy right with you.

I also talk to the dogs like their human, Josh thinks I'm insane but I swear they understand and listen better than him!

Lookingforaplussign said...

I talk to myself in the car, and to avoid accidents (other people looking at me like I am crazy, crashing, etc), I hold my cell phone even though nobody is on the other line.

I also talk to myself when I walk the dog late at night. And that IS because I want people to think I am crazy. If crazy people thing I am crazy, maybe they won't rob or stab me (I live in an iffy neighborhood)

Allison said...

LMFAO at this sheer brilliance: "It's like Communist Russia in here. Only newer and cleaner. Or so I imagine anyway - I always pictured Communist Russia as a cold, dark, dirty, sad place." ME TOO!!

I do talk to myself, but usually refrain while at work b/c there are people around me who will respond. Somehow they can't tell when I'm talking to Me versus when I'm talking to Them.

Steph O. said...

Yes, I do! Only I use the excuse of talking to the cats.

I KWIM about cubeville. Some genious decided that our color scheme should be black, grey, & red. REALLY?!?! Did they test it out by trying to stay awake for 8 hrs while staring at grey? NO! They just decided to go with "bold, power" colors. Ok, sorry for ranting on your blog! :)