Bummer day

It's too early for all this bad news today. My employee who just found out she's pg started bleeding, and now she thinks she's miscarrying. It is still very early, so it would technically be a chemical, but she's going for betas this week so we'll see. She's bummed, but not devastated. Still, I'm sad for her.

Right after she told me that I got an email from a friend who just found out she has PCOS. (She has two kids and wants at least one more.) She wants to read up on it, so if anyone knows of any good, informative web sites to recommend please let me know.

Knock on wood I don't hear any more bad news today. I thought it felt like a weird day this morning. Do you ever get that? Every once in a while I'll be on my way to work and I'll think, "It's going to be a weird day," and everything turns out to be just a bit off. That's how today feels.

Hopefully this is as 'off' as it gets.


Sweet Pea said...

That is a bummer day. I am sorry for your coworker.

A great site for PCOS is soulcysters.com, hope that helps !

-my husband grows cotton- said...

I am sorry to hear about your co-worker. Hope the day looks up as it goes on.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your co-worker.

I agree with SweetPea, the site is of great help. Just let your friend know that the underline reason for PCOS is insulin resistance. There is treatment for PCOS, but no cure yet.

Miss Ruby said...

Ohh I am so sorry to hear about your co-worker I will keep my fingers crossed that it turns out to be just a bit of breakthrough bleeding and nothing more and she comes back with good Beta's.

And yes you're right about "those" days when you feel weird. The past week and a half has felt like that for me. I think there's some energy shift in the universe been happening!