Weekend ramblings

Thank goodness today's not Monday.

The thought of finding another job is almost always on my mind. Often it's sort of tucked away as I trudge through one day after another. Then every couple of months it jumps out of hiding and practically screams at me, "You have GOT to get out of here before you lose it!!!" Now is one of those times. Of course the feeling is being multiplied by last week's news, which my three employees will no doubt be talking about nonstop for a while. But it's true, I do need to get out of here, and as soon as I discover what it is I'd rather be doing I'm bolting!

Until then, I'm working for the weekends. This past one was nice and mellow. Hubs and I went to breakfast with some friends followed by the Dodger game on Sunday, and yesterday we went to the movies to see Inc.eption (which I'm still trying to figure out). Other than that we pretty much sat on our butts, it was good.

In a saucy turn of events, we're going to Las Vegas this weekend! We couldn't decide whether to stick with our original plans to go wine tasting for our four day weekend next week, or to give in to our desire to visit Sin City instead... So we figured what the hell, we'll do both! This Friday we're driving out after work for a quickie sun-filled getaway, and next Thursday we'll head up north for a long mellow weekend.
So, knock on wood, I stopped bleeding on Saturday. I think/hope/pray it's for real this time. I had acupuncture that morning and when I told him that the nurse said it could have been my period when it started back up again last Monday, he seemed to agree. So that makes today CD9. I'm starting herbs again tomorrow and C+B tonight, and I even got back into the groove of taking my vitamins and supplements over the past few days. Guess I'm officially back on the TTC wagon.


Sweet Pea said...

Happy to hear you had a great weekend and so excited that you have a few real good ones planned for the future !!

Yippee that you finally stopped the bloodfest and now you can start trying again. (((HUGS)))

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

YEA for VEGAS! Have a great weekend!

Marianne said...

Have fun in Vegas!

Kate said...

Enjoy Vegas - it will be so much fun! Also glad to hear the bleeding stopped - hopefully you'll be off the wagon soon (in a good way of course!).

Miss Ruby said...

oOoOo enjoy Vegas - sooooo on my list of places to visit one day!!!!


Steph O. said...

Have fun in Vegas! (bring comfortable walking shoes!)

Glad the bleeding stopped! :)