A Non-Fiction Book

I don't read much non-fiction. I'm something of an escapist, I want a book to transport me far away from my world, and non-fiction doesn't usually do that for me. However, I recently read a couple of books that I enjoyed.

One, which I think I may have already told you about and I just recommended to Miss Ruby yesterday, is Michael Crichton's Travels. I probably enjoyed it because it sorta reads like fiction. It's mostly about his experiences traveling, but also delves into his time in medical school (I didn't know Crichton got his MD) as well as some crazy psychic-type experiences he had.

I read it at the same time I was reading Ea.t Pray Lo.ve (which, if you haven't read it, has a lot more substance than the movie) and there were a lot of similarities between it and Travels. Including, in my opinion, having flat endings. But other than that I thougt they were both quite good.

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