My Dream House

Once again, we get back into the territory where Kitty can't make a decision. I have a couple of ideas for my "dream house."

One is up on a hill in the town Hubs and I live in. It's a sprawling Spanish-style house high on the hill, near downtown, and has great ocean views. It has a horseshoe floor plan with an open courtyard in the middle, and is luxuriously appointed with marble and all that good stuff. Unfortunately it was well over $1 million, just a tad out of our price range! What can I say, we have champagne dreams on a Miller Lite budget.

But probably my dream dream house would be up the coast a ways, where there's still plenty of open space. Up there it's mostly gently rolling hills dotted with oak trees, and it's so peaceful and lovely. I'm not exactly sure what kind of house I'd like on my 100 or so acres... One story or split-level would be nice. And something with plenty of character, maybe a 60's style house - low and flat-looking with big windows and a slope roof. Or a Craftsman with dark hardwood floors throughout and a big wraparound veranda. And of course it gets pretty hot up there, so we'd have to have a really swanky pool!

One day, right? :)


Misty Dawn said...

I think we *might* buy a condo/villa on Hilton Head, SC as an investment since the prices are so low. We could do VRBO, doesn't that just sound awesome! Then hope the market picks back up and re-sale for more than what we bought it....then we'd have enough money to put fwd to a new house! I think its a great plan. We are trying to get a foreclosure/short sale under 100k for like 4%interest. Oh you should look in to buying a condo/villa in CA or Vegas. Then you'd have a place nearby to vaca.

Anonymous said...

That is why it is called dream right ? Hopefully one day, you will have the place you & hubby always wanted !

Heather said...

DH and I play the "what if we won the lotto" game all the time. It better beva huge jackpot though because we have BIG plans!