A Photo that Makes Me Sad or Angry

At first I didn't think I had any pictures like that.

Then I remembered this one:
This definitely makes me sad. And a little angry. But I can't quite bring myself to delete it (and its 4 siblings) off my computer.

Anyway, I never got around to posting this when it happened, so I guess it's sort of fitting to post it now. I'm not wallowing or anything; actually I'm looking forward to trying again. I'm trying not to expect too much, but feeling a little hopeful... and yes, a little scared too. But I gotta keep on moving!


Angie said...

((Hugs)) right back at ya. This picture makes me sad, too. Sad for you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I have one of these too. It sucks. HUGS!

-my husband grows cotton- said...


Misty Dawn said...

Yeah, I still have the pics from my last m/c. (((HUGS))) I want to keep them for comparison and find it hard to delete them. Some of them are on my work comp. They prob think I'm crazy. LOL

E said...

((Hugs)) I still have "belly" pictures of my first m/c. I had just starting taking them and starting filling out a baby book when I found out @ 10 weeks that there was an empty sac growing in my uterus.

You will see those two lines again Kitty.

Steph O. said...


I'm looking forward to you seeing those lines again too.

hopefulk77 said...

i have one of these too - I cant bring myself to delete it and remove my only physical reminder of what could have been.

I pray that one day we will both see those magiacal lines again

Kristin said...

((HUGS)) I still have my BFP and belly pics from the m/c, along with the lab results and hospital bracelet from when I went for the beta, and the test (sorry if that's gross). I put it all together in a box along with the u/s photo and a program from the remembrance walk that our hospital does every year to remember our lost babies. It is nice to have all of it to look at when I want something to hold onto. (hugs) again