Come on!!!

Bah! Why must AF toy with my emotions so? I'm still just barely spotting and it is so GD annoying. Why can't she get her ass in gear already?!

Whew. Sorry, this PMS is brutal! I will now attempt to compose myself... Ahem.

(UPDATE: Woohoo!! AF finally got it together, and it's officially CD1!)

Yesterday I got some very exciting news - my friend A, who was the MOH in my wedding, and who's been with her boyfriend for ten years, got engaged on Monday!! We've been friends since HS and she's the only person I've ever considered my best friend (except hubs of course), but for the past couple of years we haven't been keeping in touch very well until recently. I'm so glad we're back in touch because I would have HATED to miss their engagement! They always knew they'd get married, but obviously it's been a long time coming and much-anticipated for both their families and friends. I joined her and a couple of her other friends last night for a champagne toast and a long look through her 4 year old wedding ideas binder, and it was a blast. They're going to get married for sure in 2010, possibly within the next several months! I am SO EXCITED for them!!!

Well, just one more day until Christmas. And yes, I have to work. Everyone else in the bank is leaving early tomorrow, but both of the departments I supervise will be here until after 3:30 (there's a good, semi-complicated reason, though). It's not too horrible, it'll most likely be DEAD, so we're going to be watching movies in the wire room! ("Elf" I think, and I freakin' love that movie!) We'll definitely have snacks and maybe a delish McD's breakfast too. Also, I work in a particularly professional environment, but they're letting us wear jeans! Amazing. All in all, it's not going to suck TOO much. (Knock on wood!)

Happy Christmas Eve-Eve!


E said...

Aww, glad you reconnected with your old BF. You sound really excited for her.

Boo on having to work tomorrow!! I do too but only for a few hours. Goof up as much as you can ;)

Steph O. said...

I worked for 9 hours on Friday. I brought LOTS of stuff to do. There were barely any calls & 1/2 of them were wrong numbers.

Mostly, we sat around chatting.

(since when is there a bank open on Christmas day???)