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Don't you hate it when you really want to post something but you don't have much to say? Me too. Prepare for a hodgepodge!

My lap is in 2 days. 48 hours from now it will be over with and I'll be at home resting. Yes, I am nervous. Not that something bad will happen or anything, mostly about the pain and recovery. And okay, also to get the results. I have a bad feeling it's going to be "normal" just like everything else, but all I can do is wait.

Question - I am switching insurance at the first of the year to a plan that covers 50% IF diagnosis (still zip for treatment though). What does that mean as far as doctors are concerned? It's still an HMO, so I wonder if I can see an RE or if I just have to keep bugging my GYN for more tests. I suppose it depends on the doctor, huh? Guess I'll be doing more research soon!

It's almost time to go home, but today was a decent day. My two new underlings went shopping for department Christmas decorations. We are now the proud owners of the cutest little 4 foot fake tree you ever saw, a lighted wreath and garland, and various other chotchkies which are now displayed on all of our work stations. It's a varitable winter wonderland over here! Last year I made a holiday e-mailer to send out to the branches and a few customers with our faces photoshopped onto cartoon elf bodies, and I'm planning on doing something similar this year too. I'll post it here so you can all see my lovely ladies when it's done. :)

See, I AM trying to get into the holiday spirit! Haha ;)


E said...

Do you go for postop tomorrow?

even if nothing else, your mind will eased about endo, though you will be frustated to learn nothing is wrong.

Glad to hear you are getting in the spirit!

elephantscanremember said...

While I hope you don't have endo, I do hope you will be able to get some answers.

^J^ said...

With hmo's you should still be able to see a specialist(RE) but you will have to get a referral, I think. And you're probly gonna pay more. Well, that's how it is down here anyways!

Good luck with your lap & recovery. Hope all goes well!

E said...

Not postop but preop... I was not with it last night.

Emily said...

I have an HMO as well, and I just have to have a referral to see the RE, and my copay is a little more for a specialist, but that's the only different. I would think you would still pay the 50% whether it's your GP or a RE!

Good luck with the lap! Praying for good news!!

Caitlin said...

Word of advice: make your hubby set up the bed BEFORE you get home from the hossy. You will need pillows propped up (you probably won't want to lie down), heating pad, WATER, movies/books and your savior pain pills. :) That way you won't have to wait while standing for him to rush around and get things settled.

I will definitely keep you in my thoughts on Thursday. I hope they at least find some answers for you Kitty. ((hugs))

Lookingforaplussign said...

Good luck tomorrow, my lap buddy. I had my pre-op today, and although I am not nervous (did you read all the things that can go wring? yikes), I am annoyed about the recovery and the pain I might have. I hope they find an answer to your IF. Cheers!

-my husband grows cotton- said...

Good luck Kitty with your Lap! I will be thinking about you!