On the slow train

Well today is looking like it's going to be my last day on the couch. Possibly. Maybe. Here's the skinny: My abdomen is still extremely swollen and uncomfortable. It's a bit better than it was the first few days - where the skin was stretched SO tightly over my gut that I couldn't lie down flat on my back - but it's still really uncomfortable. My goal was to be able to get completely dressed today, but there's no way I'll be able to get my jeans buttoned over this belly! Also, I'm flippin' exhausted. I got up slowly at 10:30, took a shower and got dressed, and by the time I was done I had to sit down immediately. My hair is still wet and it's 11:30. I'm still a bit sore too, but I haven't taken any pain pills today. The doctor gave me percocet for the pain and some insane amount of ibuprofen for the swelling; I think I'll take the ibuprofen today and see how I do without the percocet. Lord knows I won't be able to take it at work, I'd be so looped out and completely useless!

So I need to decide today whether I'm going to work tomorrow because they won't let me come back without a doctor's note, and I'll have to call the doc today to get it. I think I'll try to move around as much as possible today and see how I feel towards the end of the day. I feel like such a sissy! I really thought I'd be back to normal by now. Ugh.


Emily said...

You just had surgery my dear, of course it's going to take some time to feel back to normal. Just take it easy and don't push yourself too hard. Do you have to move around much at work? I hope you are feeling better soon!

elephantscanremember said...

I agree with Emily. Don't try to do too much. You will heal with time.

~Speedy recovery~

Kate said...

Me too - appreciate the time off!

Hope you get better soon!

KatiePrays said...

Aw I hope you are feeling good as new tomorrow! Prayers! :)