Nooooo!!! (And the weekend)

I had a horrible night's sleep last night. That often happens on Sunday nights though, I'm sure it's usually anxiety-related. Well last night I woke up early with the chills. I could not get comfortable - I was either too cold or too hot. Then I had (TMI) what can only be described as "mud-butt" when I finally got up. YUCK. And I still can't get comfortable, I'm a little sweaty, too hot and too cold. The worst part is, one of my underlings called in sick today because she and both her kids have the stomach flu! So now I'm all paranoid that I'm getting sick. I brought my Emergen-C to work with me, but I doubt it will help if it is the stomach flu. I'm hoping it's just a coincidence because usually the flu hits fast and hard, and except for the hot flashes I'm not really feeling too bad. So maybe it's just PMS. Let's hope!! Send me some wellness vibes please!

This weekend was another quickie, wasn't it? Saturday hubs took me to see Ne.w Mo.on. He is so funny - I was whining to him the other day about how we never go to the movies anymore (and I LOVE going to the movies). On his days off during the week he'll go see the guy flicks that I don't want to see, but we don't go see anything together. So on Friday he said, "Do you want me to take you to see Ne.w Mo.on tomorrow?" Aww, what a guy!! Granted, he did make several hilariously snarky comments throughout the movie, but I think there was enough "action" to hold his attention a little bit. Afterwards we went out and finished our Christmas shopping and finally got our cards printed, so those are going in the mail today. Then we capped the day off by going to a friend's Christmas party.

I decided I'm giving my underlings cookies and brownies and whatnot instead of gifts, now that there are 4 of them, so on Sunday I spent almost the whole day at my parents' house baking with my mom (and also drinking wine, hehe). We made quite the variety - there are 3 kinds of cookies, brownies with mint chocolate candy topping, these super yummy pumpkin squares, cupcakes, triple chocolate cherry cake/squares, and fudge. And we were worried we wouldn't have enough!

I have my post-op appointment today, so I get to leave work at 3:00. My incisions are still sore, especially my belly button, but other than that I'm feeling pretty good. I'm not too swollen anymore so that's nice, I can almost wear my regular jeans again!

Okay I'm going to go take my Emergen-C because I just noticed that it says it has electrolytes, and that's always good when your intestines are working overtime. So it can't hurt, right? I hope it helps...

Happy Monday, for those of you working this week - I hope it goes by fast!!


Emily said...

Umm, I'd like some of the triple chocolate cherry cake! Holy Crap - you and your mom made a ton of stuff! Yummo! Good luck with your appointment this afternoon, hope everything looks good!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the "butt soup" Hopefully it will pass! Maybe it was all teh cookie dough you were licking off the spoon?


Misty Dawn said...

Sounds like you had a good w/e! Yum,I want some of those baked goodies! Stay away from the flu. ICK. Don't you just love those Emergen-C packets?

E said...

I love making homemade goodies. Hmm.

Sorry your bowels are not cooperating with you. I hope you feel better.