Today is a pretty fun day. We had a "secret santa" gift exchange within our department, and the person I bought for really liked the gift I gave her (who wouldn't? It was a Tar.get gift card!). I was a little worried because there were only 2 other gift cards given and all the other gifts were pretty personal! I didn't know my person very well, so I'm really glad she was happy with what I gave her. I haven't gotten my gift yet, because my secret santa left it at home! LOL. I hear it's good though :)

But that wasn't the surprise.

Last week as I was leaving work the day before my lap, I took the elevator with a few women in my extended department that I don't normally talk to. They have been known to be a bit gossipy, so I tend not to share ANY personal info with them (especially since I am technically "management"). But they knew I was having surgery, and of course they asked me about it. I was kind of vague at first, but one of them knew exactly what I was talking about and said she had it done too, so I ended up saying it was for infertility stuff. She then said that she tried to conceive for 3 years, had endo and was never able to get pregnant. I had actually heard that she'd dealt with IF, but I wasn't about to ask her about it, ya know?

Today the same lady came by my desk and asked how I was feeling and whatnot, so I told her the doc found some endo. She wished me the luck that she didn't have, and we talked a little more and laughed about how horrible IF testing can be, the HSG in particular. She then said she knows what a lonely road infertility is, how people don't get it unless they've been through it, and if I ever need to talk I know where to find her.

I almost started tearing up! I didn't expect that from her at all, how nice was that! I don't know how often I'd go cry on her shoulder or anything, but it's nice to know someone around here gets it.

So it's shaping up to be a decent day for me (knock on wood). The bank is having lunch catered for everyone in the corporate office, so that will be nice. We had breakfast along with our gift exchange too, so it's like "get fat day" at work. That's the holidays though!

I hope you are all having a nice Friday and are looking forward to a great weekend, now that your day is drawing to a close. I still have a few more hours here, and can't wait until 4:30!


Anonymous said...

It's nice when there are moments of unexpected connection during our days!! I am glad that you had a good conversation with her.

I hope your day at work gets even better.

Happy Friday.

Lookingforaplussign said...

How awesome of her to open up.

Hope your Friday is well.

Rach said...

It's good to find another in trenches or at least one who has been there.

You can never have enough support.


Caitlin said...

What a sweet woman...We run across so few people that actually get what IF is all about. Mostly get dumb comments (that are well-meaning, of course)and ignorance, but it sounds like she might turn out to be a good confidant.

Have a good weekend girlie!

E said...

Sounds like you found a new friend that gets your struggles. How awesome is that?

It sounds like you had a great day!!