For my birthday - in July - my mom got me a Wii Fit. I'd used my brother's and LOVED it, and had been casually saying to my mom that I wanted to get one. I honestly was not dropping hints, because I don't actually even have a Wii. So since I got the Wii Fit, hubs and I have been planning on getting a Wii for Christmas. We cashed in some points on a credit card and got a gift card to B.est Bu.y. I already had another gift card I'd been holding on to forever, and the rest we got for Christmas. We now have more than enough in free money to get ourselves the coveted Wii!

Unfortunately, of the 6 Be.st Bu.ys in a 60 mile radius, not one has a single Wii in stock! They say they'll get more in this week, but they don't know which day.

Can I tell you how much I've been itching to use my Wii Fit??? A LOT. For months! They better have them in before the weekend, I need something to do on Saturday while hubs is at work.

Speaking of 'doing' and 'hubs'... I can't believe that today is CD7 already and the BDing will pretty much begin tonight. AF is gone and my libido has taken her place - I just hope it sticks around for a couple weeks! I can't deny that my hopes are up this C. I'm trying to keep it in check, but I have to admit it feels good to be hopeful and excited for once. I'll worry about being disappointed after I ovulate. Until then I'll continue sipping my green tea and daydreaming about ways to make BD fun...


Lookingforaplussign said...

I hope your wii gets there soon!! It sounds like fun.

^J^ said...

What about bestbuy.com have you tried that?

Have fun in the BD marathon!

Emily said...

Good luck finding the Wii! You'll have so much fun once you have it in your hands!!!! Can't wait for you to try hula-hooping!!!

Steph O. said...

Go Ebay! We just got a Wii last week, totally love it! I'm dropping MEGA hints (meaning: bluntly announcing) to DH that I want the Fit. I think I'll take his PS2 crap into Game Stop & see if there's enough credit to get one!

These things are supposed to be able to communicate, I need to figure out how to get intouch with specific people. You can "play together" from across the country! (hint,hint)

Kitty said...

^J^ - I am tempted to try bestbuy.com! Hubs thought the shipping was really high (like $30), but I don't think that can possibly be right. I'll have to check on that.

Steph - I forgot you can play together with anyone! We'll have to try that out (once we figure it out!) :)