It must be my lucky day

So far, today is going pretty great! (I feel like I'm jinxing myself just by saying that, how sad am I?) Here's why:

1. Did disaster recovery testing this morning for work and for the first time in 3 years we actually passed!!! AND it only took about an hour. This was my first year doing it myself, and I was the first one done. Oh yeah, and I got a chocolate Kr.ispy Kr.eme donut to boot. I haven't had one of those in years!

2. Came home and talked on the phone with my mom for an hour or so, and while we were chatting the mailman delivered my blinds and curtains!!! I put up the curtains but am going to have to lower the rod (when we moved in I didn't measure too well, so it's about 3 inches too high). They need to be de-wrinkled too, but I love them! They really are "black-out" curtains, but at the same time they're fairly lightweight. I can't wait until hubs gets home from work and we can hang the blinds. (He told me I have to wait for him, sigh.) So hopefully we can get a Christmas tree this week before I go in for the lap!

3. I also got my blood test results in the mail today. I tested negative for Celiac disease, which I already knew because I called the doctor's office yesterday, but it's nice to see it on paper. Yay!

4. I'm getting my hair cut at 1:30, can't wait!

5. My friend Tracy sent me a link to a gorgeous bridesmaid dress, and it's a really good price, too. I hope she decides that's the one she wants because I really, really like it! (See it here.)

6. A friend contacted me on FB letting me know she knew someone in my town who struggled with IF, learned the Creighton Model and was treated in the Omaha clinic, and eventually got pregnant, and that she'd be happy to hook me up with her for some info. That's cool because I am having a hell of a time finding an instructor in my area. I was actually thinking of getting certified myself (it takes a year) and making some extra cash on the side! Who knows, maybe I still will. :)

Okay, here's hoping my luck doesn't run out! Have a great weekend everyone!


Rach said...

So far sounds like a full AND productive day!!

Hope your luck continues into the weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! The dress is really nice! Have a great weekend.

Kate said...

Definitely sounds like a great day! I hope you didn't jinx it by telling us... ;0)

Caitlin said...

That dress is awesome! What are her colors? The blue?

Congrats on testing negative for celiac...I'm a little behind on blogs so I didn't realize you had gotten the results back. Good thing!

After reading your post about the Creig.ton Mo.del I did some research online...very interested, since Omaha is right next door to me!