Ants in my pants

I'm getting antsy.

I haven't seen my doctor since the beginning of March and I'm finally going back in on the 21st. His office is very busy and I had a hell of a time just scheduling my HSG follow up. Seems like most doctors who take HMOs are really busy, especially if they're well-liked. My mom's a nurse at the local hospital and has gotten to know a lot of the doctors around here over the years, and she was the first one who told me that this doctor is VERY nice. So it was an easy choice when I found out what my options were with my insurance. Hopefully he is worth the wait.

So yeah. I'm antsy. I really want to know what's next on the docket.

My latest fear is that my CM, or something, is killing off hubs' swimmers. I used to have chronic YI's and BV for a few years, and a friend told me that her friend had the same problem. Then when she tried to get pg she had trouble. It turned out that however her body had finally learned to fight off the infections was now killing off the sperm. The way she put it sounded like it was the girl's immune system, not killer CM. So, yeah, that scares me.

I know, I shouldn't worry until I have a reason to worry, right? Why do people keep putting thoughts into my head?? Don't they know I am perfectly capable of freaking myself out without their help?

Anyway, the 21st is not too far away. Hopefully it comes quickly!


Anonymous said...

Oh I know I freak myself out over everything I hate it. I hope the next few days just fly by for you.

Caitlin said...

I feel your freakiness...especially because I am a chronic go.o.gl.er. I can't stop myself and I look up anything and everything that could be wrong and I diagnose myself. I know it sounds insane but I can't help it. ;P

AJ48 said...

I hate feeling antsy! I sometimes wish could just fast forward to the day I concieve so I dont have to deal with the BS of waiting, and waiting. And waiting some more! LOL. But the weekend will fly by and before you know it, it will be Tuesday. Good Luck and keep us posted.

No need to worry about the CM killing the spermies...there is plenty of ways to fix that!

^J^ said...

AHH! What a relief to know I'm not the only one who can freak myself out. I worry wwaaaayyyy too much for one person. Tuesday will come quick, just try and enjoy the w/e.