Weekend update

Well, hubs and I had a very productive weekend. We finally got the fence patched up (from the crazy winds that knocked it down last week), and it is looking MUCH sturdier. I was going to take before and after photos, but well, I forgot to take the "before" so there was not much point in doing an "after." So picture this in your mind's eye...

Before: A rickety, dark-colored, ten foot tall fence, with several broken boards. An eight foot section of it is askew - one side of this section has been completely detached from the rest of the fence, so it's sorta horizontal, sorta vertical.

After: A somewhat less rickety, completely upright, dark-colored, ten foot tall fence, with several light-colored boards patching up the spots where holes USED to be. Hooray! No more free-for-all for the neighborhood stray cats!

Later on Saturday we went to a wedding and I may have had one too many drinks. Nothing crazy happened, but I did get teary during the father-daughter dance. One weird thing though - we found out that hubs' SA test results got sent to a friend's house! We've been waiting for them for a couple weeks now, and out of nowhere the friend tells us he got our mail. Well, I didn't know this, but the street he lives on (on the other side of town from us) has the same name as our street. Not only that, his address is only one number off from ours. For example if our address is 3456 Washington St., then his is 345 Washington Dr. Crazy! Not to mention EMBARRASSING. :P Oi.

Oh yes, and I can't fail to mention the Dodger game yesterday. They SCHOOLED the Rockies - beat them by 12 runs. I almost felt bad for them! Almost. Then hubs and I spent the remainder of the evening relaxing and watching House reruns. Dang, for such a busy weekend it sure went by FAST! Hopefully this week goes by just as fast and we can get to next weekend :)


AJ48 said...

Wow thats crazy!! So did you get the results yet? Or do you still need to pick them up from your friend. Imagine if you didnt know the person?? And its even crazier that you do! LOL Let us know how it goes!!

Kitty said...

I know! I thought that was really weird!

I don't have the results in my hot little hands yet, I'm going to pick them up tomorrow. I know that they came back "normal" (hubs got the SA done a few months ago), but I wanted to see the numbers. I'll definitely post when I have them!

Allison said...

LOL - I can picture your fence very clearly! Thanks!

How WEIRD that someone you knew got the SA results!!!

-my husband grows cotton- said...

Glad you had a fun weekend :) How insane about the SA results!