Following up on my HSG follow-up

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So I had my follow up with my gyn for my HSG yesterday (a MONTH later), and happily, it is true, my HSG was all clear, he said the dye spilled perfectly on both sides. Hooray! The rest of the visit wasn't so wonderful... I ended up having a major breakdown afterwards, but never fear, I'm feeling much better today.

I'd been feeling kinda itchy in the nethers so I asked the doc to take a look (I get itchy sometimes for no reason, and I was SURE there was nothing wrong, but just in case...). Turns out I was wrong - I have another YI. UGH. I'm on CD 10 right now so this sucks!! Doc said to BD anyway, that the YI meds shouldn't interfere with anything. We'll see how I'm feeling b/c I'm really sensitive to YI meds, and only certain kinds actually even cure them for me. I hate to waste a month right after my HSG, so I think I'll OPK and just do it when I get a +. I even bought an oral syringe so we can do it turkey baster style if I'm not feeling up to it! Hehehe. Speaking of which, has anyone here tried that before? If so, any tips? Hubs is not really looking forward to doing that...

The rest of the visit, well... I started asking about what happens next - are there any other tests, etc? He basically went right into referring me to an RE. He told me a specialist might want to do a lap to check for endo, I asked if I would have had any signs if I had it and he said half the time women do have symptoms, the other half just present with infertility. He also said they might just try IUI too.

So A. I'm back to freaking out about endo (if I didn't mention it, my maternal aunt has it pretty bad), and B. I am officially done with my gyn and moving on to an RE now. At least the one he referred me to is close to my work, so I don't have to worry so much about taking time off work for appts, I can just take late lunches. Oh yeah and my gyn said my insurance MAY pay for half. :P

Anyway, I guess I got super emotional last night because I've been in denial that it would get this far, ya know? It's already been hard, but I guess I had hope we'd be able to get pg on our own, and now that hope is running out. Plus the stupid GD YI on top of that... Insult to injury!! (I used to get them ALL THE TIME (like every other month for 2-3 years) and for me they are a b*tch to get rid of.)

Oh yeah and the HORDES of pg women about to pop in the waiting room didn't help my mood any either!

There's more swimming around in my head right now, but that might have to wait for another post...


AJ48 said...

Glad to hear that your HSG results are good! That is a big PLUS. If you have endo, well then you get it removed right? But I wouldnt worry about that until the RE suggests that as a cause. I always wondered why my RE never suggested Endo or Lap to me. I know that I have never had any symptoms, but with what you just said...maybe that's why I cant get prego either! But I am onto IVF anyways...

When you go to your RE appointment, see what they have to say. I would also shop around to see if there are any RE's out there that take your insurance (even more than half) I tried like 4 different places and only 1 out of the 4 took my insurance. So there are some places out there!!!

And I hope your YI doesnt last very long : (

-my husband grows cotton- said...

Glad your HSG was good. Sorry about the YI. Those just suck. ((((HUGS))))

Anonymous said...

Hey Kitty,

I am glad your hsg was good. I too worry about things that could be.. I don't know what to say to help you stop worrying about endo but I guess just make a list of everything you want to talk to the RE about to make sure it gets addressed.

Erin said...

I am surprised they made you wait a whole month to learn your results of HSG!!! that is crazy. When I went for mine in Feb they told me right then and there....tubes open, normal.

Sorry you are worried out about endo. Unfortunately, the only way to RX it is through a laparoscopy. I had one 15 years ago to rule out endo. As it turns out everything was fine, but I did have all the classic symptoms. I had horrible cramps during my period so much that I would be in bed for at least 1 to 2 days. Sometimes I would actually throw up and usually always had to run to the bathroom for over active bowels. As it turns out I had primary dysmenorrhea where I had too many prostaglandins.

I hope your doc can give you some insight soon to smooth your fears over about endo.