My babies!

I tried to post this from home a week or so ago, but it ended up looking GIGANTIC, so here we go again...

I am trying my hand at gardening! I planted 5 cosmos seeds several weeks ago and all five sprouted! Unfortunately one of them died, but the rest are still going strong. Here's a photo from when they were all alive:


They're a little bigger now, but no flowers yet. Hopefully they'll flower soon! If and when they do I'll post an update.

And I thought I had a black thumb. Who knew I could make something grow? Now I'm getting all kinds of confidence that I can grow other plants... hmm... what will be my next experiment?


-my husband grows cotton- said...

oooh looky!!! Good luck with your flowers!!

M said...

I love watching plants grow. Keep updating us on your green little friends! I am no gardener either. I planted 2 outdoor pots last year so that was pretty good for me. I'm excited to plant then again.

Anonymous said...

I have a perennial garden...every year I add another new plant to it ! Can't wait to see the blooms !