Is it just me?

Or does anyone else get really annoyed with inconsiderate people? I know I have at least one IRL friend who shares my disdain for rudeness, but is there anyone else out there like us? Are our standards for acceptable behavior too high, or are we overly sensitive?

Things that have already annoyed me today (and it's not even lunch time):

1. I arrive at my building and in the lobby there are 2 construction workers with a cart containing several sheets of drywall/sheetrock, waiting for the elevator. I'm thinking, A. "no way is that going to fit," and B. "they're probably going to let me and this other lady use the elevator first" (since we obviously work here and have to worry about such things as clocking in). Well I was mistaken on both counts. It took them a minute but they got that drywall in there, with JUUUUUST enough room for the two of them. The lady and I had to wait for the next elevator. I took the stairs.

2. The sales person in the department next to mine, who is only here a few days out of each month, uses a desk across from me. It never fails - she's MIA most of the day, but she leaves her Blackberry AND cell phone at her desk. And refuses to turn the ringers off. The Blackberry rings and she doesn't answer, so the person calls her cell phone and leaves a message. The Blackberry signals a missed call, the cell phone signals a new message... all day long. And she is nowhere to be found.

3. I'm in the break room washing my mug in the sink. Out of the corner of my eye I see the lady next to me grab a paper towel and wipe off the counter, toss it and head out. I reach up to grab a paper towel to dry my mug and the roll is EMPTY. So with wet hands I now get to locate, unwrap and replace the roll.

This stuff used to really drive me crazy, and now I just get annoyed. I think that's progress! But still, I do wonder if good manners and consideration for others are really important to anyone else these days.

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-my husband grows cotton- said...

Things like that bother me too!

I would just press a button on her BB or phone to make them stop beeping!