Back at square one

Or rather, day one. Yep, AF finally picked up this afternoon and I'm officially waving good-bye to C14.

So I would like to take this opportunity to share something with you all. Hubs reads my blog of course, and back when I first started blogging about TTC stuff, he'd kind of muddle through all the acronyms to try to figure out what they stood for. He did pretty good and figured most of them out all by himself. What a smartie pants!

There was one that stumped him though: "BD."

So he asked me one day, "What does BD stand for? Does it mean 'Bone Down'?"

He cracks me up.

So that is how we refer to BDing now, since he doesn't think "Baby Dance" is sexy. Apparently "Bone Down" is.


-my husband grows cotton- said...


Farmboy thought it was big dick.

Thanks for the laugh :D

^J^ said...


tiajenn said...

sorry about af. : (
funny about dh though they are so cute. bone down lol

Anonymous said...

LMAO...I love it !

Allison said...

HAH!!!! That's awesome!

It is not awesome, however, that AF found you. She sucks.