I'm not worthy!

Man, I knew you ladies were supportive, but wow!! I did not expect such empathy for my silly problems, I'm overwhelmed. You're all amazing. Thank you so much :)

I'm feeling LOTS better today. More moisture, less itching, hazaah! I'm a tiny bit concerned that my CM is still yellowish, but it is not like the consistency of BV discharge, so guess I'll just wait and see. Thanks for the green tea advice, by the way! I've been downing it in addition to all the water and acidophilus. No one has asked me about my frequent trips to the RR yet, but my hands are definitely paying the consequences - they're sooooo dry from all the washing!

Okay I've had enough of my whining and I'm sure you have too.

It was my niece's 12th birthday yesterday and like all the girls in my family do at age 12, she got her ears pierced. So I bought her some earrings, and can I just say the styles out now are identical to the kinds I wore when I was 12! I was cracking up. But it does kinda make things easier when I'm shopping for her. I just think, "What was popular when I was that age?" and I'm pretty much guaranteed to pick a winner. Well, this year anyway. Next year I'll probably go back to being clueless.


Anonymous said...

Glad your are feeling somewhat better down there. Hopefully, you will be back in tiptop shape soon !

And yes, you are very much worthy ! (((HUGS)))

AJ48 said...

Glad you are feeling better!!!

Allison said...

Good Lord, lady, is *something* on you always bone dry? :wink: j/k I'm glad to hear you're feeling better!!